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Board Updates Arḫu Duʾūzu

2020.06.28 04:30 Nocodeyv Board Updates Arḫu Duʾūzu

Shulmu! As of June 22 we're officially into the Month of Dumuzi, arḫu Duʾūzu. I hope that you have all been doing well during these uncertain times.

First order of business: new (and revamped) rules.
As some of you may have seen recently, the "live discussion" feature has been activated on our sub. As per your requests, I've left this function enabled. Unfortunately, it was abused recently by a (now banned) user, who tried to spread Islamic propaganda through it for the sake of coerced conversion. As a result, I've updated the rules section of the sidebar to reflect some new, tighter, restrictions. While the full list can always be viewed in the sidebar, I'm going to post them here for greater visibility as well:
  1. Content Policy: Reddit's content policy is enforced on this subreddit. Please follow proper rediquette when creating content. Remember the human.
  2. Prejudice: Sumer welcomes all individuals, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators will be permanently banned.
  3. Proselytizing: Sumer is a polytheistic community for practitioners and researchers of Mesopotamia's ancestral religions. Proselytizing will not be tolerated and violators will be permanently banned.
  4. Advertising: A running list of relevant communities is kept in the sidebar. All advertisements must be approved by a Mod. Posts in violation of this rule will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned.
  5. Academic Material: Do not post illegally hosted PDFs of academic work. Links to articles available on an author's Academia page, and PDFs that you've been given permission to share are acceptable.
  6. Personal Work: You're welcome and encouraged to share personal work that complies with Reddit's content policy and Sumer's rules.
  7. Occult Material: Material of an occult nature is allowed. Please keep in mind: Mesopotamian religion predates Western Occultism, and many occult concepts—e.g. the Greek elements, Jewish Qabalah, European alchemy—are not found in Mesopotamian theology.
  8. Banned Content: Material from the following authors distorts Mesopotamian religious concepts and will be removed if posted or linked to: Asenath Mason, von Däniken, Joshua Free, Michael Ford, Robert Sepehr, and Zecharia Sitchin.
  9. Ancient Aliens: Material related to the "ancient aliens" hypothesis is not welcome and will be removed. Those interested in learning more can visit Dr. Michael S. Heiser's website: Sitchin Is Wrong, to learn more.
As always, I try to be as hands-off as I can regarding moderation. I believe in the free economy of ideas, and the community has proven itself very good at self-policing. None-the-less, and in the interest of promoting a positive and enriching environment here, I've implemented some of the above-noted changes.

Second order of business: Discord
In the past I've been asked to open a Discord server for our community, but I don't have the time or energy to moderate one alongside the work I do here on Reddit. As such, and as has been apparent in the sister sticky post for over a month now, Sumer has partnered with the Mythology Multiverse discord server, who have a channel dedicated to the mythology and religion of the Ancient Near East.
If you'd like an invitation, please leave a comment below or PM and I will send you one.
As partners, the owner of the Mythology Multiverse discord server and I have discussed hosting a cross-platform event, and I'd like to open the floor up to all of you. If we were to host such an event, is there a theme, topic, or style you'd like to see it done in? Are there types of rewards or gifts that you'd like to see included?
In short, beyond just providing written responses here, I want to help all of you get started out there. To do that, I need to know what kind of help you need and what kind of resources you'd appreciate, individually or as a collective.

Final order of business: Festival of Dumuzi
As always, I try to include some element of Mesopotamian polytheism in each of these update posts. This time around, it will be focused on the Festival of Dumuzi, which was celebrated across Mesopotamia beginning in the Early Dynastic period and continuing well into the common era.
The most concise accounts of this festival come from Assyrian letters, where it is described as a three day event running from Duʾūzu 26-28, or Duʾūzu 27-29, depending on which city was hosting it. This year the festival runs from July 17-19 or July 18-20, as per personal choice.
The first day of the festival is described as the day of screaming (ikkillu). Cohen (Festivals, p. 414) notes that the day is not named for the screaming of Dumuzi as he is captured by the gallû demons, but for the primal scream loosed by the people of Assyria and Babylonia at the onset of evening at the realization of their beloved God's death. The second day is called the "day of release (pashāru), which Cohen attributes to the day of Dumuzi's release from death. The final day is simply called the day of Dumuzi, which Cohen states commemorated the God's return to the Earth.
Cohen (Festivals, pp. 415-417) discusses the evolution of this festival. Originally, it was aligned with a Sumerian harvest festival called ezem-she-numun, the "festival of barley-seed," when the previous year's crop was harvested (day one), the field's cleared or stubble and debris (day two), and new seed planted (day three). As a grain-god, Dumuzi's death, imprisonment, and return were represented in these three days' activities, as the people moved from one harvest cycle into the next.
As Semitic influence moved into Mesopotamia, and the seat of power transitioned from the old Sumerian city-states to the nations of Assyria and Babylonia, individual dying-gods from across Mesopotamia were unified, through syncretism, into the persona of Dumuzi. Into this mixture were added deities as diverse as Damu, a god of medicine and keeper of the ME controlling tree-sap, and Ninĝeshzida, a god of snakes and the keeper of the ME controlling fruiting trees and berry bearing bushes.
As a result of this syncretism, Dumuzi's divine personality came to represent much more than just the harvest cycle. So much more, in fact, that Cohen cites an undercurrent in the festival activities that centered on Dumuzi's sacrifice as containing the power to repair the injured and return the sick to good health. Where formerly Dumuzi represented solely the power in the crops, which provided sustenance for the city, now he also represented the healing power of all manner of herbs, which provided comfort and renewal for the individual.
Finally, I'd like to briefly mention two additional holidays, not directly related to the Festival of Dumuzi, but which I believe are thematically linked:
In Nippur, Ur, and Uruk a ritual wailing called gi-ra-num2 (=girrānum) was celebrated.
Reserved for Goddesses and their cults, notable participants of this festival include: Inana, Nanaya, Bēlit-Shuḫner and Bēlit-Terraban, and Annunītum and Ulmashītum. Each Goddess listed (excluding Nanaya) is known to have participated in, or mourned the loss of someone who did, a death or descent myth. I believe it's possible that the "day of screaming" in the Festival of Dumuzi evolved out of the girrānum wailing festivals.
At Eshnunna two specific days are given special titles: elûm and tīrum.
The Day of the Elûm is probably derived from the verb elû "to ascend," while the Day of the Tīrum is probably derived from the verb târu "to return," marking the two celebrations as being related to the ascent and return of a deceased deity. In Eshnunna these two days commemorated the mythological journey of Bēlit-Shuḫner and Bēlit-Terraban, but I believe that a "day of ascent" and a "day of return" can be overlaid onto any cultic activity that features a dying-and-rising deity.

In conclusion: enjoy your festivities, everyone, however you choose to celebrate them!
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2018.03.21 15:35 SubitoSalad Gotta write a position paper!

My partner and I are the delegation for Poland for NUMUN discussing human rights in the informations society, and we aren't really sure where to go with our position paper. We do model UN as part of our speech and debate class and so we don't really focus on it much throughout the year. I've been to 4 or 5 conferences but I've only ever done general assembly, so this new committee is kind of daunting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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