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Question about usa womans behaviour(did i red pilled myself against them?)

2020.09.28 05:37 swiss_average_guy Question about usa womans behaviour(did i red pilled myself against them?)

Hi got just a small question about us woman/girl behaviomentallity in general.
Im 31 still dating in search of a partner. Because of my workplace i came in contact with many poeples from other countries even a few dates with US girls and found it a little wierd how...should i say dont want to be rude to the usa but usa womans i met from age 20-40 behave like princesses or are sometimes like queens( you know the annoying type). I got 6 encouters with US womans that where for me very bad i watched a few youtube vids about US womans and somehow i think got disrupted view about US womans.
I should explain a little more detailed. Im from switzerland i worked at a company that made components for the carrier rockets for satelites like the ariane rocket (not a high position even low level work) . While at work i met mostly good and respectful poeples except of 1 type... american womans. I want to know if this behaviors are realy common there in the US or if i got red pilled by disgrunted man on youtube after trying to search the answer myself? All the 6 observations i made happend in switzerland.
  1. Encounter work place: you want to talk about stuff at the workplace about their looks, advice or critize them they get very agressive and bring very fast the gender bs up. (Even got problems once but luckely my boss was there when it happend)
  2. Example on 2 first dates: they say we can split the bill and i took them up on that offer. Because in switzerland most woman pay the their share themselfs without asking on a first date to not feel the guilt to owning him to much or show him i dont need your money im here for you and of course if the date doesnt work out as planned 😋. I got dumped twice for that for a second date and even ghostet after she told me im not a gentleman. Worst part is it happend in switzerland. Is that normal to always pay for meals when eating with US womans even in the first few dates?
  3. Coworker stopped meeting with a US woman after he found out she is sleeping with somone else and him. Excuse was he didnt officialy had the talk about relatioship. If you meet somone in a regular basis and have sex with him is that still ok in the US, when the partner didnt had "the talk" ?(This maybe is a cultural thing but atleast in germany austria and switzerland this behavior is not realy tolerated by most poeples men and women). If this is normal there im ok with it. It just feels wrong if you end with that person being misses/mister right and on the first stages of your meeting you where screwing someone else because you didnt knew then he was your soulmate. Worst part was she dumped the other guy and asked to make it official. Mean wtf...
  4. Being very passive in proving their own worth. I know its hard to keep relationships going well and im no master in it but i dated a girl from virginia and it felt like i had to always proving me to her that im worthy boyfriend but she saw it as a basic rule to prove it to her and she proved here worth with sleeping with me. P.s: the coworker had also the same feeling while dating with the girl.
  5. From what i heard and and expirienced US womans value their body but its not very hard to get them to have sex with you.
  6. This maybe also a US thing but i only saw that behaviour from US womans. The moral standarts of the country you live in dont apply to them only the USA standarts apply. Only saw that on girls never once a men.
  7. One of the inspectors from the US a woman had intrest in a guy from work he was from the netherlands and it was plain obvoius how she behaved around him. Later i found out she accused 2 of her coworkers of inappropriate advancements. She acted like it couldnt happend to her and her work priorities where horrible but she acted like the same standerts dont apply to her. What surprised me was also how other US womans behaved in working enviorment. Generally US woman have bad working ethnic. While their male US counterpart and foreign females where working their asses off in the same field.
Like said i didnt want to rant about US poeples but was i just unlucky with the girls or is this realy ok for women in the US? Did i just ate a red pill or is this really standart there for womens? Sorry for my english😀
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2020.09.11 10:10 Dresshut CHRISTMAS COSTUMES

The Nativity Sequences Included In The Gospels Of Matthew And Luke Prompted Early Christian Writers To Suggest Various Dates For The Anniversary. Although No Date Is Indicated In The Gospels, Early Christians Connected Jesus To The Sun Through The Use Of Such Phrases As "Sun Of Righteousness."The Romans Marked The Winter Solstice On December 25. The First Recorded Christmas Elf Cosplay Celebration Was In Rome On December 25, 336. In The 3rd Century, The Date Of The Nativity Was The Subject Of Great Interest. Around Ad 200, Clement Of Alexandria Wrote:
There Are Those Who Have Determined Not Only The Year Of Our Lord's Birth, But Also The Day; And They Say That It Took Place In The 28th Year Of Augustus, And In The 25th Day Of [The Egyptian Month] Pachon [May 20] ... Further, Others Say That He Was Born On The 24th Or 25th Of Pharmuthi [April 20 Or 21].
Various Factors Contributed To The Selection Of December 25 As a Date Of Celebration: It Was The Date Of The Winter Solstice On The Roman Calendar And It Was Nine Months After March 25, The Date Of The Vernal Equinox And a Date Linked To The Conception Of Jesus (Now Annunciation).
Christmas Played a Role In The Arian Controversy Of The Fourth Century. After This Controversy Ran Its Course, The Prominence Of The Holiday Declined For a Few Centuries. The Feast Regained Prominence After 800 When Charlemagne Was Crowned Emperor On Christmas Day. Later During The Protestant Reformation, The Puritans Banned Christmas In England, Associating It With Drunkenness And Other Misbehavior. It Was Restored As a Legal Holiday In England In 1660, But Remained Disreputable In The Minds Of Many People. In The Early 19th Century, Christmas Was Reconceived By Washington Irving, Charles Dickens, And Other Authors As a Holiday Emphasizing Family, Children, Kind-Heartedness, Gift-Giving, And Santa Claus.
Christmas Does Not Appear On The Lists Of Festivals Given By The Early Christian Writers Irenaeus And Tertullian. Origen And Arnobius Both Fault The Pagans For Celebrating Birthdays, Which Suggests That Christmas Was Not Celebrated In Their Time. Arnobius Wrote After Ad 297. The Chronography Of 354 Records That a Christmas Celebration Took Place In Rome In 336.
In The East, The Birth Of Jesus Was Celebrated In Connection With The Epiphany On January 6. This Holiday Was Not Primarily About The Nativity, But Rather The Baptism Of Jesus. Christmas Was Promoted In The East As Part Of The Revival Of Orthodox Christianity That Followed The Death Of The Pro-Arian Emperor Valens At The Battle Of Adrianople In 378. The Feast Was Introduced In Constantinople In 379, In Antioch By John Chrysostom Towards The End Of The Fourth Century, Probably In 388, And In Alexandria In The Following Century.
Mosaic Of Jesus As Christus Sol (Christ The Sun) In Mausoleum M In The Pre-Fourth-Century Necropolis Under St Peter's Basilica In Rome.
December 25 Was The Date Of The Winter Solstice On The Roman Calendar. A Late Fourth-Century Sermon By Saint Augustine Explains Why This Was a Fitting Day To Celebrate Christ's Nativity: "Hence It Is That He Was Born On The Day Which Is The Shortest In Our Earthly Reckoning And From Which Subsequent Days Begin To Increase In Length. He, Therefore, Who Bent Low And Lifted Us Up Chose The Shortest Day, Yet The One Whence Light Begins To Increase."
Linking Jesus To The Sun Was Supported By Various Biblical Passages. Jesus Was Considered To Be The "Sun Of Righteousness" Prophesied By Malachi: "Unto You Shall The Sun Of Righteousness Arise, And Healing Is In His Wings."
Such Solar Symbolism Could Support More Than One Date Of Birth. An Anonymous Work Known As De Pascha Computus (243) Linked The Idea That Creation Began At The Spring Equinox, On March 25, With The Conception Or Birth (The Word Nascor Can Mean Either) Of Jesus On March 28, The Day Of The Creation Of The Sun In The Genesis Account. One Translation Reads: "O The Splendid And Divine Providence Of The Lord, That On That Day, The Very Day, On Which The Sun Was Made, March 28, a Wednesday, Christ Should Be Born.
In The 17th Century, Isaac Newton, Who, Coincidentally, Was Born On December 25, Argued That The Date Of Christmas Costumes Was Selected To Correspond With The Solstice.
According To Steven Hijmans Of The University Of Alberta, "It Is Cosmic Symbolism ... Which Inspired The Church Leadership In Rome To Elect The Southern Solstice, December 25, As The Birthday Of Christ, And The Northern Solstice As That Of John The Baptist, Supplemented By The Equinoxes As Their Respective Dates Of Conception."
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2020.09.06 14:21 Conscious-Cricket44 A crazy alien theory

So this one is wayyyy out of this world here... and keep your politics out of it, because I’m going by the information I’ve found in research so far! If this doesn’t resonate with you, you aren’t in the same wormholes as I am. (I left the rabbit holes a long time ago) and note that I have a lot more details and missing links to add than this, I’m just looking for insight in the meantime. So WITH AN OPEN MIND, hear me out...
Given the following theories...
The Pleiadians are what we have historically looked at as angels and are in control of the “light” side, and giving intelligence to us similar to the time of Hitler, except Hitler used his given power for evil. False prophet? And that’s why he tried to start the Arian race, to try and mimic the divine beings he had encountered. Now I believe that the Q movement and also definitely Elon Musk, who is definitely of alien decent, (see RH negative factor + alien DNA), are being given similar intelligence now, giving us our information for q drops, the great awakening map, space x technology, and more. The only thing powerful enough to fight the darkness is the light. This is setting the path for eventual transcentiorn.
The Draconian would be who run the evil we see. This all ties in Biblically, and also worth mentioning and a whole crumb of it’s own, is the Hopi Prophecy, which dates back to way before the time of Christ, and directly parallels with the end times prophecy in Daniel and Revelation. This especially resonated as significant to me because of the endorsement by the Navajo tribe at the RNC last week.
Thoughts? There’s a LOOOOT more to this theory, I’m preparing an entire video and would love any insight. I have had multiple people send me stuff about checking JFK and Trump’s bloodline, and how they’re part of this too and in another part of the occult, and when digging, found part of it to be true, but nothing made sense really. Well, given this perspective, it could possibly a little more.
Do we have all the answers? 🧐
Keywords to duckduckgo:
-“Hopi Prophecy” -“Pleiadians” -“Ashtar Galactic Command” -“Ashtar Galactic Command interrupts news broadcast 1977” -RH negative blood and alien DNA -Dulce Base Area 51 -JFK and the Pleiadians
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2020.09.06 06:18 OrmanRedwood How should I tell people I am, by the grace of God, going to convert to Catholicism?

"Or what king, about to go to make war against another king, doth not first sit down, and think whether he be able, with ten thousand, to meet him that, with twenty thousand, cometh against him?" (Luke 14:31 Douay-Rheims)
I cannot afford to be outside the Catholic Church. I have already calculated my maximum losses, it is nothing compared to what I will gain once I join the Catholic Church. I have not been able to start RCIA, but at this point, unless I turn from the grace of God, it is not a matter of if I will convert, but when. Currently, I have not found a way to get to a Catholic parish, I have no drivers license and know no Catholics, but this is now a question of "when will I get the chance to go" and not "will I go". I am physically stuck but certain I want to convert.
I don't want to recount the details, but here is the short outline of the story.
I become convinced of Orthodoxy because the Orthodox proved me wrong. I become convinced that the Catholics and Orthodox believe essentially the same thing. A Catholic on reddit begins to try and disciple me (he succeeded) I see Orthodoxy fall apart around me in the midst of my spiritual struggles. In early May, Fr. Michael O'loughlin's talk with Matt Fradd convinces me history is on the side of the Catholics. The next day, Jason Evert's talk with Matt Fradd emotionally converts me to Catholicism. In June, the Rosary and Fatima resolved spiritual struggles I had been experiencing relating to prophecy and so much that I have been dealing with since 2017. In July, with a life in peace, I recognized I was determined to convert. In August, with my life in peace, but sexual sin taking a renewed hold, I struggled with how my conversion would affect my life. Right now, I know I can do it, by the grace of God, and I know the losses won't be to severe compared to my gain.
So, not that I am here, decided, how should I present my decision to convert to Catholicism to my:
•Neo-Arian father (he knows) •My trinitarian family that is in the same house knows. •Family members who are out of the house who may not know (varied beliefs) •Baptist pastor's •Close friends •A specific friend who is a girl that is currently at quite a distance from me that will probably have serious questions if I am not at the first, second, third, or fourth church service she goes to when she comes back to our hometown, she also may have to high of a view of me, and I don't know what her view of Catholics is, but learning I am converting could throw her through alot and I want advice on how to approach that situation (we talk online). (Resolved) •Just other people in general. •Other long-distance friends who would not be seriously affected •Any other personal relations I might not be thinking of that are important.
I have, infact, decided to convert. I already have two friends I know will support me, which is good, I need to get in contact with them more. Please give me advice on the longest paragraph as that will hold back my heart the most. Pray for her to.
I am 16M, I am in a Baptist congregation, I have no drivers license or car, I personally know 0 Catholics in my hometown, there is 1 parish I can go to, I have no clue how to get there, but whatever it costs, I want to convert. That one thing that will hold back my heart the most is that friend that is a girl, not that we are together or that I am pursuing a dating relationship with her, that is not the case. Just the fact that she is currently in a vulnerable emotional position and once she learns about this it could affect her alot in unpredictable ways since I think we are close friends. I think. So, I am asking for advice on how to tell these people (especially her) that I am going to convert.
Edit: I talked to the girl I mentioned about it and she said "No. That is completely okay." Praise God.
Note: never defend the 4th Crusade, the crusaders were so bad they got excommunicated by the Pope. Call it an indefinsible evil when talking to the Orthodox cause that is what it was, it was the thing that solidified the great schism. Fr. Michael O'loughlin's saying that the fourth crusade was an indefensible evil and that the crusaders got excommunicated by the Pope was instrumental in my conversion.
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2020.08.25 21:27 Generation-Y Rojava Documentaries

I made a list of documentaries focusing on Rojava and Bakur that are either in English or have English subtitles. This list only contains documentaries that are free and available to stream online (mostly links to YouTube and Vimeo). I organised them by release date and roughly divided them into the following categories: Rojava, Women's Movement, International Volunteers, Battle against ISIS, Bakur and Short Docs.
This is a work in progress. I'll add more in the future and try to keep this list up to date.
Hope you enjoy these, and feel free to suggest more in the comments or dm me. Tips are welcome.


Since the United States withdrew from northern Syria in October 2019, and the Turkish military operation began, what remains now of Rojava, created in 2014 during the battle of Kobane, won by Kurdish forces at the cost of enormous sacrifices?
What will happen next in northern Syria? All of the parties to the conflict — the Americans, Assad's regime, Russia, Iran and Turkey — have their own agendas for the war-torn region. But what do the Kurds themselves think about their future?
In the ruins of ISIS's caliphate syrian kurds are building a radical experiment in democracy and women’s rights in the old badlands of Islamic State. But as Yaara Bou Melhem reports, it could be crushed in an instant.
The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also called Rojava, is passing through a dangerous period. Turkey attacked and occupies Afrin, one of the three Kurdish provinces. The Islamic State is still active. The authorities of the Democratic Federation had talks with the Damascus government on its de facto autonomy, without success, as for now. A film by Chris Den Hond and Mireille Court.
An in-depth look into the inner workings of the commune system in Northeast Syria (Rojava) and how they work in practice to give people direct say over the decisions that affect their lives at the most local level. I also call for people to form communes throughout North America and the world.
This is a 45 minute documentary about the Kurds, Assyrians, Arabs, and Yezidis in Northeast Syria (Rojava) who’ve spent the last 9 years dealing with the uncertainty and precarity we are just now beginning to face, turned to their neighbors to get themselves through civil war and ISIS attacks, and are emerging through it all with a new society that is far more beautiful and far more free than they had before. It’s a story of hope and I think it is very instructive for us about the possibilities that can emerge out of crisis when neighbors “pod up”.
While battling the Islamic state, Kurds and other ethnic groups in Northern Syria are trying to install a political project. They call it the “Democratic Federation of Northern Syria”.
This project is at opposite to the religious project of part of the Syrian opposition, but also to the Arab nationalist project of the Syrian government. And it's also opposed to an independent Kurdistan." We don't want a Kurdistan for Kurds, but a democratic federation for everybody," they say.
From Qamishli to Kobane, from Membij to Raqqa, this story describes the difficult implementation of a new political experience in Syria, despite the obstacles of a the war and a suffocating embargo.
The documentary is telling the Rojava Revolution, with stories of Assyrian, Kurdish, Arabic people. This people are subjected to the ISIS attacks, on the other hand they are trying to build a communal system like democratic autonomy. This struggle is not easy in a region like Syria, where the war continues and showing the effects on people’s life.
“The future of the extraordinary feminist and democratic revolution in Rojava is now in danger. The US has announced it will withdraw its military forces from Syria, with whom the Kurdish forces have been fighting against ISIS. This will be a green light for Erdogan’s Turkey to fulfill its threats to attack Rojava and eradicate its nascent democracy. There’s never been a more important time to support Rojava. This clip from Accidental Anarchist shows why it matters.” - Carne Ross
The documentary The Silent Revolution explains the revolution involving nearly 3 million kurds living in Syria. With the outbreak of the civil war —in the frame of the called ‘Arab Spring'— the Kurds of Syria have taken advantage of the context to fight for their political and cultural recognition and thus end the repression that started more than 50 years ago.

Women's Movement

In October 2019, a rising star of Syrian democratic politics, 34-year-old Hevrin Khalaf, was brutally murdered in the Kurdish-governed north east of the country.
Yalda Hakim travels to Syria to investigate this young woman's killing, her battle for freedom and empowerment, and her colleagues' view that her death was the result of President Trump's withdrawal of support from the Kurds, who have been a key American ally in the defeat of so-called Islamic State.
The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also known as Rojava, managed to free itself from Syria in 2011 during the upheaval of war. Since this revolution, won by both men and women, a peaceful society is forming where women have taken up leading roles in government and wider society.
On the front line of the Syrian war, 30-year-old Commander Arian guides a female battalion towards the city of Kobane to release its people from the grip of ISIS in Alba Sotorra’s empowering tale of emancipation and freedom. When the war in Syria broke, a group of women from the Kurdish resistance assembled the YPJ—Women Protection Units. Arian, who witnessed at a young age the nefarious treatment of sexual assault victims, leads the unit and dedicates her life to battling ISIS. As the YPJ inches closer to their target, she implores her comrades to discover the true meaning of their fight: freedom for the next generation of women. With unprecedented access to the commander and her troops, including delicate scenes of her recovering from multiple bullet wounds, Sotorra brilliantly crafts an enthralling portrait of a woman on a mission.
The catastrophic war in Syria has brought about one good thing: the forming of the autonomous region of Rojava is radically changing the position of women in the Middle East. The fascinating story of Jiyan, a female guerrilla fighter who devoted twenty years of her life in the Kurdish militant struggle, reveals women's determination for freedom not only against another oppressive regime, but also against patriarchy.
Kongreya Star is a confederation of women's movements through out the region of Rojava, a predominantly Kurdish area of northern Syria, also referred to as West-Kurdistan. Kongreya Star was founded in 2005 and originally called Yekîtîya Star. Under the fierce oppression of Bashar Al Assad's Ba'th regime, women in towns and villages across the northern areas of Syria began to come together and organise themselves, creating a strong basis for the confederated women's movement. Kongreya Star plays an active role in organising women across all areas of life: education, culture and arts, economics, self-defence, social affairs, problem-solving and justice, politics, local government, ecology, press and media and international relations.
As the forces of ISIS and Assad tear through villages and society in Syria and Northern Iraq, a group of brave and idealistic women are taking up arms against them—and winning inspiring victories. Members of “The Free Women’s Party” come from Paris, Turkish Kurdistan, and other parts of the world. Their dream: To create a Democratic Syria, and a society based on gender equality. Guns in hand, these women are carrying on a movement with roots that run 40 years deep in the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey. GIRL’S WAR honors the legacy of Sakine Cansiz, co-founder of the PKK who was assassinated in Paris in 2013, and reflects on the sacrifices made by all of the women in the movement, who have endured jail, rape, war, and persecution in their quest to liberate their lives and sisters from male dominance. With scenes of solidarity, strength, and love amongst these brave women soldiers, GIRL'S WAR is a surprising story of Middle Eastern feminism on the front lines.
RTD correspondents received an exclusive permission to spend three weeks in a training camp of the YPJ, the female division of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighting ISIS. The town of Serekaniye in Syria is the last major town bordering the “Islamic State”. The mainly Kurdish local population is determined to fight the murderous ISIS and prevent them from entering their town. Among the fighters are young women, who chose to defend themselves and their families from the belligerent invaders.
Deep within Kurdish Syria, the YPJ, made up of local women, are fighting the barbaric ISIS terrorist movement. Tara Brown travels to the war zone to see firsthand just how these extraordinary female fighters are winning the war. They are brave women who have lost family and friends, but won’t let anything weaken their resolve to defeat ISIS.

International Volunteers

The story of Anna Campbell, who travelled to northern Syria in secret in 2017. Just eight months after arriving and with no military background, Anna went to the front line to fight with Kurdish YPJ.
In 2019, Unicorn Riot interviewed three New Yorkers who volunteered to fight alongside the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS and Turkey. The documentary features their oral accounts overlaid with contributed footage from anonymous sources to bring you a first person point of view of what happened to fighters as they held the front line in defense of Rojava, an autonomous zone in northern Syria. The three men share their perspectives of what they witnessed while playing a small role in the Syrian Civil War as international volunteers for the YPG.
To date at least 20 British nationals, some with no previous experience of combat, have travelled to Syria to fight Isis on the frontline. Eight of these Brits have lost their lives. This film follows the journeys of parents as they investigate why their children went out to join the Kurdish army in their fight against Isis, including visiting the places they died in Syria. What led these young Brits to risk everything, travelling thousands of miles from home to wage war against the world’s most feared terrorist organisation, fighting someone else’s war?
The New International is a biweekly, bilingual show broadcast on Kurdistan's Stêrk TV.
Each episode follows a day in the life of an internationalist revolutionary who has travelled to Rojava, Northern Syria, to work in solidarity with the democratic-confederalist, women-led revolution.
In an eye opening report, journalist Yuri Maldavsky follows an international brigade fighting for the Kurdish cause against Islamic state and subsequently Turkish forces, in besieged Afrin, northern Syria.
Fear Us Women follows Hanna Bohman, a Canadian civilian who has spent the last three years in Syria as a volunteer soldier battling ISIS. As a member of the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish army, Hanna gives an inside look at the brave women fighting for liberation in one of the world's most dangerous countries.
Part One: This 2-part series follows River Hagg as he travels to war-torn Syria, in hopes of documenting stories of the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. He finds a medical unit of foreign volunteers as they provide aid to civilians, YPG fighters and ISIS. Part two: The volunteers continue to push with the YPG to the ISIS defended city of Manbij, Syria. River hears news from home and plans his exit. The team is granted access to the front lines and they find themselves on dangerous ground, surrounded by ISIS.
The documentary film documents the construction of a new health care center by international volunteers in the city of Kobane (North Syria/Western Kurdistan) that was destroyed by the fascist IS to 80 per cent. 177 brigadists of ICOR from 10 countries constructed the health care center together with local construction workers. With that they set a signal for the return of more than one hundred thousand people to their home city who had fled the city.
VICE journalist, Sebastian Weiss, met up with a German ex-soldier and former Foreign Legionnaire, a 19-year-old Canadian fighter, a mother of four from Poland, an ICOR brigade member, German social workers and a 25-year-old from Saarbrücken, who are deployed under the command of the People’s Protection Units, directly on the front and only 50 kilometers from the IS stronghold, Raqqah.
NAKED TRUTH: ISIS Fighters follows several American and western volunteers embedded with Kurdish militias as they make a push deep into ISIS strongholds, uncovering the brutality of life under the Islamic State.
The foreign Fighters who took part in Syria Civil War subscribe to different Ideologies & come from different countries: from USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands, etc; from a simple farmer to a university scholar; all gathered together in one place, either fighting for ISIS or fighting to defeat ISIS. The Documentary speaks about them, but this time we do not deal with those 25 thousand combatants who fight along with ISIS; rather, we selected those who are fighting against ISIS, along with other eight hundred foreigners, together with the Kurdish forces. They have arrived in Syrian Kurdistan which Kurds call Rojava from all over the world, and are fighting on the front lines under the command of the YPG, the People's Protection Units. Jordan Matson is a former U.S. Army infantryma and one of the first foreign volunteers to fight within the YPG. Matson flew from Chicago to Istanbul and then drove to Diyarbakir in southeast of Turkey. In October 2014, he crossed the border into Syria pretending to be a doctor. Matson currently lives in Sweden with his wife and son, Verdi and Kosta Leonidas Matson.

Battle against ISIS

The road to ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa, has been long and hard. The battle rages in the suburbs of the Syrian city. Improvised explosive devices, suicide bombers, sniper fire and grenade-dropping drones have been deployed by the surrounded terrorists.
This film features the stories of fighters in the Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG), as well as European volunteers who joined them. There are also stories of military hospital staff. Dr. Akhiv, a veteran military doctor considers his work a “sacred calling.” Adham, a frontline nurse, joined the field hospital after his brother was killed fighting ISIS. Sema, a Kurdish female commander, left her family to join the fight. “We’re not fighting for a certain nation. Humanity is what we’re fighting for,” she says.
Some Europeans have joined the YPG as volunteers. Rosa left a mundane life in Sweden to fight for women’s rights in Syria. Robin, a volunteer from Germany, got sick of hearing how “someone should do something about” ISIS after every terrorist attack in Europe. He left his girlfriend and a comfortable life to do something about them himself.
Meet the forces trying to beat Islamic State in Syria. Sky News joins them on the road to Raqqa.
FRANCE 24 reporters Romeo Langlois, Mayssa Awad and Mohammed Hassan were able to gain exclusive access to the fighters of this interethnic coalition that is taking on the IS group "caliphate". They witnessed firsthand the battle to take back the town of Shaddadi. This is their extraordinary 35-minute documentary.
The former EastEnders actor visits Iraq and Syria to follow Kurdish armed forces to the front lines of the ongoing fight against the so-called Islamic State.
If almost everything you had in life was lost, your house was turns to ashes, your neighborhood wiped out and most of your friends and family were killed... what were you doing? Leaving Kobani and Syria in favor of a new promising future in Europe? Or the opposite: Now, more than ever, fight for your land and for what might become a historic opportunity for independent state and freedom, in a place where Assad and ISIS are your immediate neighbors? It is a difficult question and we analyse it in Syria and in Germany. We check it with someone from Kobani who tried to flee - Abdullah Kurdi - who lost his wife and two children while trying to go on a boat and cross the sea from Turkey to Greece, and whose little boy Alan, was drifted to the shores of Turkey and was immortalized by a shocking photo that led to the opening of the gates and the heart of Europe (momentarily) to the refugees from Syria.
My second and longest journey to Kurdish controlled regions of Iraq and Syria. We explore the frontline against ISIS stretching from Shengal (Sinjar) Iraq, all the way to the edge of the Euphrates River in Syria. Without the constraints typical of our mainstream media, this documentary offers a deeply personal and humanizing view of the war.
In March of 2015, I set off to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Syria to begin a new personal project. In the beginning, I thought perhaps it would be a still photography trip only. But just as I left the door, I decided to grab my GoPro kit in case anything interesting happened and I could just film it myself. This is that footage.
The City That Beat ISIS: For months the Syrian city of Kobani was under siege in a struggle that became emblematic of the international fight back against ISIS. In January 2015, ISIS were driven out - an event that made world headlines.
Few journalists managed to enter Kobani during the siege. But reporter Kiki King and director James Brabazon were there to witness the final week of the battle.
The Kurdish border city of Kobane in Northern Syria has been under siege by Islamic State fighters for more than three months. But Kurdish forces are managing to retain hold of most of the city. As well as keeping IS at bay – they see getting their story out to the rest of the world as a vital part of their mission. An Iranian Kurdish film-maker spent two weeks inside Kobane following the men and women risking their lives to publicise the ongoing battle.
On September 19th, 2014, after 2 months of siege by the Islamic State, the kurds from the city of Kobane, in northern Syria, are forced to flee to Turkey. Two days later, my father and I decide to make a trip to the Turkish-Syrian border to find our family and assist the refugees from my father's city. But what we will find there, at the foot of the border, will surpass any expectations.
In September of 2013, VICE crossed the border into Syria's Kurdish region to document the YPG's counteroffensive against the jihadists, who had struck deep into rural Hassakeh in an attempt to surround and capture Ras al-Ayn. With unparalleled access to the Kurdish and Syrian Christian fighters on the frontlines, we found ourselves witnessing a bitter and almost unreported conflict within the Syrian war, where the Assad regime is a neutral spectator in a life or death struggle between jihadist-led rebels and Kurdish nationalists, pitting village against village and neighbor against neighbor.
Is the Middle East's newest country a territory called "Rojava"? Out of the chaos of Syria's civil war, mainly Kurdish leftists have forged a radical, egalitarian, multi-ethnic mini-state run on communal lines. But with ISIS Jihadists attacking them at every opportunity - especially around the beleaguered city of Kobane, how long can this idealistic social experiment last? Our World has gained exclusive access to Rojava, from the frontlines, to the politicians and refugee camps.
On the frontline with the women taking up arms against Islamic State. These highly effective female fighters are taking on Islamic State forces in northern Iraq and Syria as part of the Kurdish guerrilla army. Through the camera of Israeli filmmaker Itai Anghel, we meet young women giving up any prospect of a normal life to train and fight in tough conditions.


Voices of Bakur looks at the Kurdish movement in Bakur, Northern Kurdistan. It focuses on the period of 2015-2016, when more than a dozen Kurdish towns within the southeastern borders of Turkey declared autonomy from the Turkish state.
In the summer of 2015, the Turkish state launched a brutal war against the Kurds who were organizing an assembly based social system founded on the principles of women’s liberation and autonomy. According to the Diyarbakir Human Rights Association, 1,552 people, 320 of them civilians, and 75 of them children, were killed in Turkey between July 2015 and July 2016. The film features interviews shot on the ground with various Kurdish organizers, many who are now facing jail sentences, are already in jail or were killed, about democratic autonomy, women’s liberation, self-defense, and the civil war in southeastern Turkey. It features footage from various news sources, which have now been shut down and banned by the state. Voices of Bakur is an important document of an under-reported popular insurrection for autonomy.
The film was created by Two Rivers and a Valley, a collective of Turkish, Kurdish, European, and US radical filmmakers.
A documentary about the Kurdish Guerrilla fighting for a better future for the Middle East and perhaps the entire world.
A documentary about Kurdish women revolutionary Sakine Cansiz, who was killed in Paris in January 9, 2013. The documentary is about Cansiz's life and her legacy.
25 minutes story about Kurds, Turkey and Erdogan's referendum. Produced by Chris Den Hond and Mireille Court for TeleSur and Tariq Ali's program: "The World Today". April 2017.
Shot in secret, BAKUR: Inside the PKK is the worlds first documentary made with inside access to the Kurdish separatist group, who are considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US and NATO. The result is an inside look at the undeclared war going on in Turkey for decades. This was the first time any film crew had ever accessed these camps.
Kurdistan, which is split over Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, could play a major role in a Middle East that has been torn apart. But who are the Kurds? What influence do they have? And who exactly is Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party?
FRANCE 24 brings you a rare look inside the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, in the midst of fighting a guerrilla war against the Turkish army and the Islamic State group.
Some, such as the United States and the European Union, see them as terrorists, others as saviours. PKK fighters are waging a war on two fronts, between Turkey and Iraq. FRANCE 24 was able to meet several members of the group in their stronghold of the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq.
Cizre, extreme south-east of Turkey. On 4 September 2015 a measure of the governor of Sirnak declares a state of emergency, a curfew of 24 hours 24 is imposed on the entire population. No one can leave the house, the hospital is closed as well as all commercial activities. There is no water or electricity, cell phones do not work, Cizre is isolated from the world. It begins the siege. The story of what happened in the 9-day curfew told directly by the people of Cizre. A journey through the streets of the neighborhoods where they are consumed very serious violations of human rights in the attack launched by the Turkish army against men, women and children that caused 28 deaths and over 100 injured.
My name is Kurdistan is the kilometers about a trip that covered three of four pieces by Kurdistan.
A documentary on kurdish kids in southeast turkey growing up surrounded by the violence of the turkish state.
From Boudica of the British Celts to Corporal Klinger, few things unsettle the male mind like a lady in arms. The Kurds of Northern Iraq have long recognized this principle and incorporated it into their quest to build a Kurdish homeland in the overlap between Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Fighting alongside their male comrades in a region not exactly known for its progressive stance on women's rights, the female Peshmerga guerillas of the Kurdish Liberation Movement built a reputation for themselves in the 70s and 80s as demure diaboliques with the deadly poise of Leila Khaled or Tania-era Patty Hearst.
As a Kurdish teenager she refused to be given in marriage. Thirty years later Nuriye Kesbir is still fighting, now as a wanted female guerrilla leader. This film is a frank portrait of the background and motives of one of the leaders of the Kurdish resistance movement PKK. Director Wietsma followed Kesbir, warrior name 'Sozdar' (meaning: someone who keeps a promise) on her remarkable journey, beginning in a Dutch prison and ending in the rough mountains of Northern Iraq.
The film is a portrait of Leyla Zana, the first Kurdish deputy woman of the Turkish Parliament elected in 1991, and the «mother» of a whole country torn by a tragic history. A symbol of civic courage, a model of respect for all those who fight against injustice all over the world, the life of Leyla Zana also questions the commitment of a woman and the sacrifice of a mother. Through archives and accounts given by her relatives, the film recalls her development and her fight.
A war of national liberation or a war against terrorism? Film-maker and acclaimed freelance journalist Kevin McKiernan poses this question at the outset of this stirring, provocative film shot in part by legendary cinematographer Haskell Wexler. It's all in how you define "good" and "bad." "Good Kurds" are those in Iraq: they're Saddam Hussein's victims, whom we want to help. "Bad Kurds" are those waging an armed insurrection against Turkey, an American ally: they're at the receiving end of U.S. weaponry. McKiernan went to northern Iraq to cover the revolt against Saddam Hussein. Just a few miles away, no one was covering the hidden war in Turkey. McKiernan determined he would report the story independently. 'Good Kurds, Bad Kurds' brings a sharp clarity to a complex history, while providing disturbing insight into immigration practices and U.S. foreign policy.

Short Docs

Óglaigh Rojava meets three Irishmen who volunteered militarily and civically in the Rojava revolution, in the North of Syria.
In May 2017, Charlie left everything behind to go and fight against ISIS in Rojava, Kurdistan, a Middle Eastern utopia based on the notions of feminism and equality. Charlie recalls what it is like to be at war with ISIS and takes us to an outpost in the battle of Raqqa, ISIS’ capital.
As Charlie re-adapts to ordinary British life, his comrades in Syria are still fighting and paying the price. But if the price is high, so are the stakes.
Documentary on the Turkish invasion of Afrin in Northern Syria in 2018.
Documenting the life of Mehmet Aksoy, a British-Kurdish filmmaker, a leading figure within the UK’s Kurdish community and an activist. Mehmet was tragically killed on 26th September 2017, at the age of 32, while documenting the war between Kurdish forces and ISIS in Raqqa, northern Syria.
The documentary collective "Şopdarên rojê ya çandê" has made a short film about Jinwar, which gives a short introduction on the perspective of the free women's village with very nice shots from the village life.
“We can even say that women are ahead of men. Women lead men.”
Meet the fighters of the YPJ, the Women’s Protection Units in Syria.
“I wanted to believe in something.”
Swedish and American fighters reflect on leaving their homelands to fight the Islamic State.
The People's Protection Units (YPG) was formed underground in 2011 to defend the people of Rojava against attacks from the Syrian Bashar al-Assad regime and other reactionary forces as the war in Syria started.
Today, it is a force of 50,000 people and at the forefront of the revolution in Syria and the region.
Watch this short documentary to learn about the struggle, sacrifices and victories of this amazing force.
Filmed during the battle of Kobani, this film reveals the women at the heart of the fight against IS. With stoical perseverance and the aid of American airstrikes, these women are leading the fight for freedom.
The Sniper of Kobani is a portrait of Haron, a Kurdish fighter who came to the Syrian town of Kobani to end the IS occupation.
This short documentary about the radical democratic experiment in Rojava was made by the New World Summit, an artistic and political organization dedicated to providing “alternative parliaments” to host organizations that currently find themselves excluded from democracy.
The documentary focuses on the ongoing political, military and ideological transformation in Rojava-Northern Syrian Federation.
The report takes us into the new front against ISIS on the Euphrates River in Syria (Rojava for the Kurds). On the east bank of the river the Kurdish guerrilla - YPG. On the west bank - ISIS in the city of Jarabulus . Kurdish women are firing across the river on the positions of ISIS and explain the added value of the women in the battle against Jihadists.
We focus on volunteers who came to Syria to fight alongside YPG against ISIS. Where countries have decided not to intervene on the ground and look away from the atrocities, there are hundreds of individuals who left their comfortable life in the west and came to fight in Syria and Iraq . Here we tell the story of three of them: A doctor from Norway , a teacher from Sweden and an American student.
submitted by Generation-Y to rojava [link] [comments]

2020.08.21 09:14 PiculA21Augl Sch-ool of Lu-st Po-rn fill Ga-me good

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2020.08.16 22:46 Mo41006 Recap for August 16

This was a long, dRaMaTiC one so buckle up.
In etiquette and chivalry, the evers practiced ballroom dancing. Meanwhile, the nevers hadManipulation and Betrayal, where they discussed the failures and shortcomings of their predecessors, and they talked about henchmen.
Next up, Surviving Fairy Tails. I missed most of this class, but I got filled in on what happened. The students were paired up to spar (cue Saders arrival). At the end of class, Sader gave everyone free time while she pulled Em and Marianne off to the side. She began to lecture them about their “princessy” appearances. This turned into a full blown argument, during which Sader stunned Marianne and cut off her hair. At this point, Eve and Holly stepped in. Eve stunned Sader, and immediately was told off by Hightopps for stunning a teacher. Holly and Eve swore that they were only protecting theor friend, which escalated to an argument about how Evers and Nevers cannot be friends. Marianne made the argument that “It’s called loyalty” and we all returned to the school.
Em and Marianne both went off and dressed in pink, princessy clothes, in order to spite Sader. (Because Marianne is petty, and Em is strong-willed) When Em and Sader didn’t show up to the library for Spell Practice, everyone went off to look for them. Turns out Sader had confronted Em about her pink clothes and cut off her hair. (Seriously. What is with Sader and cutting off peoples hair??)
Em and Sader began fighting over appearances, and Sader brought up the fact that she was a Reader, and had been where Em was. Em let slip that Ariane Appleblossom was her tutor, and had left her the notebooks full of plans on exactly how to burn down the school. Em dissed the school master, Sader got angry, and the whole argument continued for TWO FULL FRICKIN DAYS. In the end, I think there was a decision, but im kinda confused on it, so someone comment it please lol
Then Dovey returned, and promptly fainted. Cue Prim, with an abundance of potions and spells to ensure that Dovey was alright.
MEANWHILE, during the fight, we got an AWDA CONFESSION YAY! Awty and Aida, would you mind putting the details below, or dm ing me so i can add it? I heard it was cute. So Awda is official. (I believe there was a kiss in there too)
Now. While Dovey healed, Holly and Marianne snuck away to the shack in the woods (again, grrr) When they returned, Eve was sitting by the fire, talking to Em. Eve noticed that they were back, and asked where they had gone. The liars said “our dorm” but Eve had seen them sneak out of the castle. Long story short, Eve figured out that Holly and Marianne were dating (Holly had to leave), and Aida confirmed her theory, having heard from the flowers in the woods. So Holly and Marianne are officially dating as well (though i dont think its common knowledge yet.)
After that we all just kinda trickled out, and that was it. If I missed anything, either comment it or dm me so i can add it in. So yeah. I think I got it all.
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2020.08.11 18:00 11Augdacket First Da-te Po-rn Ga-me Have Fun

First Da-te Po-rn Ga-me Have Fun
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2020.07.24 22:24 VelvetPenis Shouldn't we be talking about "Feminisms" instead of "Feminism"?

I was reading a post in this sub about people who call themselves feminists but reinforce sexist and heteronormative standards in dating, and I saw a lot of people replying that the people who say this aren't feminists. I tend to sympathise with that sentiment, but I've never found it particularly comfortable to say that these people aren't "real feminists". So forgive me for being pedantic, but I want to discuss the implications of that statement.
On the face of it, I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that anyone can decide if someone is or isn't a "real feminist". Feminism isn't the Roman Catholic Church, there's no canon, there's no Curia, there's no Pope of Feminism. In essence, you can't excommunicate people from feminism, it's like calling Protestants or Nestorians "fake Christians", it ignores so much and tends to shut down discussions in a very abrupt way, as if the thought of being associated with terfs and pinkpillers are a Satanic influence. Of course, I also find a lot of merit in the implications of this statement, but that's for the next paragraph. Paul had roamed the eastern provinces converting gentiles to his own version of de-Judaified Christianity, thus shaping Christianity as we knew it, kicking Jewish Christianity to the kerb, and subsequent church councils in Nicea and Chalcedon had formed the basis of modern Christianity. Feminism didn't even have a Paul, and as we all know, even Emperor Constantine and the Nicene Council didn't manage to stamp out Arianism, so it's even more difficult for us to speak of a unified monolithic "Feminism" since we didn't exactly have a US president see ♀ appear in the clouds with "In this sign, you shall conquer." If the long tradition of the Torah and the story of Jesus didn't manage to hold Christianity together, the vague idea of "do good for women" certainly isn't going to present itself in a singular form. People who advocate for conservative policies call themselves feminists, people who play nice to women and get pissed when they don't get nudes call themselves feminists, the truth is anybody can be a feminist as long as they call themselves one. This is not to say that a feminist is responsible for any other feminist, just as the Greek Orthodox Church isn't responsible for launching a crusade on the Greek Orthodox Church because the Roman Catholics did. But I do feel that we can do more than simply dismissing them as "fake feminists". They don't think they're fake. Why? How have they come to this point? And in asking these questions I hope that intersectional feminism can learn how to better introduce people to feminism, and hopefully take a leading role in feminism discourse as well as the general discourse.
Now, I will speak in defence of the statement that terfs are not "real feminists". I've mentioned my objections to that particular usage, but the implications I find to be more agreeable. The implication is that "we" or the particular person making that statement is distancing themselves from problematic ideology, and takes no responsibility for that particular segment of feminism. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. People asking "why do feminists say xx but do yy" are implying that we the Vicars and Bishops of feminism should excommunicate the "bad feminists", when there is not even a church to begin with, and we don't have a CEO of Feminism. However, I do believe that for intersectional feminists, we are in a distinctly advantageous position to not only acknowledge the existence of these other feminists, but also to fight to make our version of feminism more prominent.
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2020.07.24 22:20 spilver24Jul Scream Se-x Sce-ne

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2020.07.23 02:47 frappybubble (Venting) I'm tired

I am so tired that my sister keeps on insisting I like the opposite gender
My mom is a bigot, and my father is a little closed-minded. But my sister, who supposedly is there to support me, keeps on insisting I'm just pretending, and is still searching for some dude for me to like
And I'm so tired
I used to have so much energy by just denying her, or make jokes about how annoying she is, but because I thought she understood me.
I told her about my crushes, the many girls I loved, and got heartbroken. She even helped me to buy a present for one of them.
But she keeps on insisting on how many guys are better, and I should date one, or I am just repressing myself or denying myself the love of guys. And all of that, without being direct. She just suggests, insists on that I have to like one, and that one is cute, or not, or whatever. How much she enjoys and perhaps I should.
And I'm tired
I feel so empty inside, but at the same time heavy. My bones feel so cold by hearing her, everything spins, and is just in general so annoying
She keeps on insisting on how much sex with men is the best, or that dicks this or that (which good lord, considering men only by their dicks is utterly pathetic).
And my cousin doesn't help. She's all "Hey, but your sister just wants to know you better! She wants you do get out of the closet"
Sure Jan, since she even went to buy with me a fucking present to one of my loves, and yet she still thinks I'm repressing some attraction to guys. That is not the attitude of someone who wants to understand you, that is the attitude of someone who just wants you to enter into their fucking mold of your persona because they're so invested in their own head image of you
I can't even count the many times I got out of the fucking closet, and these dumb heads still think I'm lying and I'm trying to have the attention
I still can remember when I had *the* call, getting off the closet officially, telling my mom I prefer women because I feel disgusted and sincerely depressed around guys, but I feel butterflies and a nice nervousness around girls. And she told me is normal to feel depressed and willing to die around men, that is so normal, and it is how you should feel. That is what attraction was.
Or the time when I was 9, and I sang one of the many songs I wrote (in my head) about how girls were pretty and cute (really, even misheard lyrics of other songs that I always understood it was about kissing girls in the ocean or how cute girls are), and she looked at me and asked me with a daring look and an angry tone "What is that? You heard it on the radio, right? Please, tell me is a song from the radio", I just answered, "yes, is from the radio". I couldn't even understand why she had that tone, but I didn't dare to be against her words
My mom already told me she wants me to marry an Arian man (these words, no kidding), so she could continue her lineage with whiter people since we are Latinos. And she constantly makes comments about how much she wants gays and black people to be bombed. Is sincerely ridiculous and exaggerated, she sounds like a damn cartoon version of a bigot. I honestly can't believe what she sometimes says, even though she's very serious about it. Or the time she told me and my sister wanted us to be a copy of her, so then we would have a perfect life. Or also the time she said she never felt like my mother, only my coach, and to be honest, she never really wanted to be my mother, hence why she had depression after having me
And my dad says he supports me, but he gets jealous of any guy who gets close to me.
And I'm tired
I admit, my own existence is fragile. For a long time, I couldn't name the things I liked, the surrounding people who were my friends, there were so many years I feel like they have just passed by, and my only memories come from my own drawings. I haven't felt human and only felt like one, since December from last year. There, I met someone, who was just like one of my drawings and felt fascinated. As if, reality existed, beyond what I drew and wrote. She was the most beautiful human being I had ever seen. We haven't talked, but by just looking at her only and having a strange encounter, I felt real.
I had crushes and all that, my biggest one was a classmate, and she was so cute, so stubborn and proud. I still think she is cute, denying so much her own feelings just to fit in the classroom, but still risking herself to talk to me in a very childish and dumb way. She would never be direct, but I could feel her feelings, and it felt so nice to have her close and know her little by little. It was a little adventure day by day. But yet, I felt scared too. Especially because my mother screamed at me when I mentioned the gift I was going to give her at the time.
But still
Now, reading my own text, I noticed that these loves I have had given me vitality to endure my family
And now, I just feel lonely
And I know I'm weird, not just gay. I'm literally neurodiverse.
I don't know how to feel better about all of this, I feel like dying really
At the same time, I really wanna have experiences, beautiful ones, like those tiny ones I had with those girls
Is just tiring
I'm tired
But at the same time, imagine losing so many opportunities? Life is so long, and so many things can happen
I'm a big sap perhaps, but whatever
Sorry if the whole text is a mess, is all so disorganized and miswritten. I don't even wanna read the whole thing I wrote since I already can feel how terrible I've written
Guess I can't write straight
Still, sorry for this whole text. So sorry. Is just a mess.
And sorry for the insults.
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2020.07.21 23:46 S-Vineyard The Myth of Rising Launch Costs

(This is a repost of a post I've made in another subreddit. I explain in the comments the reason of it.)
These blog posts are from 2011.
So you can expect the numbers to be heavily dated, since 8 years have passed in terms of inflation. But they are still interesting in terms of conext.
How can we calculate the costs of historical space projects today?
Posted on September 12, 2011 by Bernd Leitenberger
One problem with which everyone who has to do with Space travel has to look at, is compare previouslaunch costs with today's ones.
Let's take an example: The Apollo program costed about 25 billion dollars, which were raised in about 10 years. This year (2011), the total manned spaceflight budget was about $6 billion, so we could complete the whole program in just 4 years, couldn't we?
Not quite. When Constellation began, the cost of Apollo transferred to today's prices, estimated at 170 billion dollars. And this is the question I have often asked myself - how are the costs of earlier projects quantified, for example, if we were to carry them out today? (So apart from the fact that certain technologies change naturally).
We know this from daily life. Most things get more expensive all the time. What we measure it by is the inflation rate. It also comes every time on TV when it comes to increase general spending. The inflation rate is measured by us with a shopping basket, which also includes expenses otherwise incurred as for heating, electricity, communications, etc.. The only problem is that it is not very useful for space travel expenditure, which does not have so much to do with everyday life.
The NASA uses the GDP index for comparison (at least under Griffin, who published an Excel Chart in addition). That is the increase of the gross national product. So the assumption is that the economic performance of the USA is the same over the years. If it rises, then this should be based on the fact that the money becomes less and less worth. I would agree with that in the short term. In the long run, productivity can be increased by machines. There may be relocations, e.g. more services and fewer manufacturing companies. Unemployment is fluctuating and, last but not least, the United States is an immigrant country. When I went to school they had about 240 million inhabitants. Now it is 300 million. 20% more inhabitants should also produce 20% more.
It would certainly be ideal to use an index of wage costs in the aerospace industry as a basis. The entire production in the aerospace industry is very labour-intensive. Because of the small series, in the case of spacecrafts mostly even the production of single copies, there are only few possibilities for automation and the quality assurance which goes hand in hand with many tests and inspections which are also labour-intensive. Labour costs make up the bulk of the expenditure. But I don't think there will be such a special index. But it would probably be the best.
What can be done alternatively, but what covers a slightly different issue, would be the ratio of cost/space project to total government expenditure. This tells me how much the state is worth to do space travel or to carry out a project. This is more likely to be done with the space budget. At the peak of Apollo (1967), the NASA budget was once 5.55% of the total budget (5.9 billion of 102 billion dollars). In 2011 NASA will receive 19 billion dollars - but the total budget is 3456 billion dollars. So while NASA's budget has tripled, the general budget has increased thirtyfold.
Accordingly, the NASA budget today amounts to only 0.55% of the total budget. In my opinion this is a much better comparison - Apollo would cost about 250 billion dollars today. That is why shuttle or ISS are not as burdensome for the budget as Apollo. The shuttle is absolutely more expensive than Apollo. But the programme lasted four times as long and the ISS will probably reach almost 40 years and is even cheaper than Apollo. Today it is certainly unthinkable that a single space project like Apollo's wedding would receive over 3% of the budget, that would be about 110 billion dollars, almost six times NASA's total budget today.
Now what does the author think? I use Griffin's Excel Chart, which is also used by NASA, after all it makes no sense for an individual to set up his own procedure.
The Myth of Rising Launching Prices
Posted on 22. September 2011 by Bernd Leitenberger
For years people have been complaining: The launch costs for satellites are rising. And many people are chattering about it. Nevertheless, many commercial communication satellites are being launched and in recent years Earth observation has established itself as a new field of business for private companies. Time to pursue this.

So let's read the figures. I'll take four Rocket Families as example. Atlas, Ariane, Titan and Delta.
Launch Vehicle Price in Dollars
Atlas Agena B 8,5
Atlas Centaur 46
Atlas II 90
Atlas V 521 194
Ariane 1 50
Ariane 4 84
Ariane 5 G 130
Ariane 5 ECA 160
Titan II 10
Titan 3C 23,2
Titan 34D 126
Titan 4 250
Titan 4B 411
Thor Agena B 5,6
Thor Delta 3,6
Thor Delta 1914 6
Thor Delta 3924 34
Thor Delta 7925 50

So everyone's right, right? Increases by a factor of 40! No wonder that everybody is whining.
Well not quite. Because this chart is incomplete. The launchers were further developed and the payload has increased. So here is a second chart with the corresponding maximum payloads and the price per ton: (Only GTO payloads for the Ariane Rocket Family)

Launch Vehicle Price in Dollars Payload (kg) per Ton
Atlas Agena B 8,5 2721 3,1
Atlas Centaur 46 4500 10,2
Atlas II 90 6580 13,7
Atlas V 521 191 20520 9,5
Ariane 1 50 1860 27
Ariane 4 84 4400 19
Ariane 5 G 130 6820 26
Ariane 5 ECA 160 10000 22,4
Titan II 10 3700 2,7
Titan 3C 23,2 12000 1,9
Titan 34D 126 14400 8,75
Titan 4 250 18160 13,17
Titan 4B 411 21680 18,9
Thor Agena B 5,6 743 7,5
Thor Delta 3,6 290 12,4
Thor Delta 1914 6 1835 3,2
Thor Delta 3924 34 3450 9,8
Thor Delta 7925 50 5089 9,8

Now things look completely different.
The Ariane family became cheaper and cheaper, measured by payload. The same tendency was seen with the Thor Delta and the Atlas Centaur commutes around a value of 10 million dollars per ton. Only theTitan became more and more expensive, which also led to it's cancelation.
You get even more numbers, when you consider that I mixed numbers from 2011 with those from 1960.
In 1960 a VW Beetle Cabrio costed about 8.900 DM. That corresponds to about 4.500 Euro. Can you get a convertible today for 4,500 euros? If I use the Official NASA Chart for the conversion of earlier costs, and it refers to the year 2000, I get the following chart.

Launch Vehicle Price in Dollars Payload (kg) per Ton
Atlas Agena B 39,9 2721 14,6
Atlas Centaur 86,6 4500 19,3
Atlas II 107 6580 16,3
Atlas V 521 163 20520 8
Ariane 1 77 1860 41
Ariane 4 107 4400 24
Ariane 5 G 131 6820 19,2
Ariane 5 ECA 120 10000 12
Titan II 44 3700 12
Titan 3C 86 12000 7,2
Titan 34D 181 14400 12,6
Titan 4 317 18160 17,4
Titan 4B 431 21680 19,9
Thor Agena B 26,7 743 36
Thor Delta 17,1 290 59
Thor Delta 1914 20 1835 11
Thor Delta 3924 54 3450 15,6
Thor Delta 7925 53 5089 10,4

Now it looks even more different.
Practically all launchers have become cheaper.
Then why is everyone still complaining about rising launch costs?
Well they are not complaining about rising launch costs themselves, but that practically all three major Western Launchers have been subsidised since 2000. EADS/Arianespace received 190 million euros per year in subsidies until last year. The money should be used to make production cheaper so that it doesn't need any more.
This was not successful. After all, it has become less for 2011/12 ,it is 120 million per year. It is worse with the USA. ULA receives 1.1 billion dollars a year from the USAF, primarily to lay off unqualified personnel. This is the price, because the USAF pays to operate two production lines for the same payload range and a maximum of 10 launches per year, so that one carrier is always available even if the other is "grounded" for months. At Arianespace, it is the competition from China and Russia that pushes down prices, because as you can see, the launch price has dropped in absolute terms and is even significantly cheaper with a higher payload per ton. Today's Ariane 5 ECA is the cheapest version per ton payload ever.
Now Europe has little chance to do anything here, except to increase the payload of Ariane 5 to launch heavier and more expensive satellites.
It looks different with the USA. They currently operate a real zoo of launchers. When they launched even more payloads, they got along withonly the Thor, Atlas and Titan.
Today, there are Pegasus, Minotaur I,IV, Falcon 9,Taurus XL, Taurus II, Atlas V and Delta IV.
Many of these models compete for the same payload. Even Russia with more launches cannot afford such luxury. The Russian government uses only Rokot, Soyuz, Proton, and now and then, if there is no other way, another Zenit and would like to replace all these models with the Angara.

In short:
Especially in the Unites States, the complaining about rising launch costs is homemade. Those who insist on running so many models do not have to complain about the consequences.
As said these blog posts are from 2011 and the last chart shows prices from 2000, so they are almost 20 years old.
Prices have again decreased, but the number of launchers has increased even more....
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2020.07.16 21:44 jhoon03 League Winner Alert: Draft Mike Evans, TB's New TB TD King

The Man:

Mike Evans, 26-year-old outside receiver going into his seventh season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Current ADP #23 (ECR #21) on FantasyPros, WR8 on Yahoo, WR7 on ESPN (PPR).

The Myth:

Mike Evans, who was successful as the deep threat for former QB Jameis “YOLO” Winston, will SUFFER from new QB Tom Brady’s inability to make deep throws and penchant for short passes to breakout slot receiver Chris Godwin.

The Legend:

Mike Evans, king of jump-ball bombs and contested catches, will THRIVE as an WR1 from TB12’s accurate long throws and efficient red-zone looks, and will be the Bucs leading pass-catcher in fantasy points.

Justifying the Hype:

Mike Evans is currently being disrespected with a lower ADP than his slotty counterpart, Chris Godwin, who exploded last year as the league’s overall WR2. Now that reckless gunslinger Jameis Winston has been replaced with soft-lipped boomer Tom Brady, the expectation is that Godwin will prosper from TB’s "dink-and-dunk" short passes, while Evans will be a forgotten part of the offense due to the lack of desperate Hail Mary’s from TB's apparently disintegrating arm. However, that could not be further from the case. Evans may be inconsistent each week, but he has always been – and will continue to be – a guaranteed WR1 producer that will prove to benefit from Brady's improved accuracy and higher football IQ. To answer some of the questions lowering his perceived value:
He’s already done it before – Brady has a well-documented (but quickly forgotten) history of success throwing to tall, big-bodied receivers…especially in the endzone. His love affair for these big boys first started when Randy Moss was fatefully traded to New England in 2007. Prior to the trade, Moss was fading away with career lows in Oakland. How did his first season with Brady go? He resurged his already legendary career by catching 98 passes for an astounding 1,493 yards and 23 touchdowns, becoming the new (and still!) record holder for most TD receptions in a single season. In fantasy terms, he averaged an incredible 21 fantasy points per game (ppg) in half ppr!
Moss had a great tenure with the Pats - even with Brady’s injured 2008 season - until their eventual breakup in the middle of the 2010 season. Brady rebounded his lost red-zone connection with a childlike ogre named Rob Gronkowski. And boy oh boy was Tom able to move on quickly. Gronk had a great first year with Brady, especially considering how notoriously difficult it is for rookie pass catchers to excel during their first year, particularly so for Tight Ends. Despite only starting 11 games, Gronk caught 42 passes for 546 yards & 10 TDs. He followed that with his best year to date: 90 catches for a spectacular 1,327 yards and 17 TDs, averaging 17.9 ppg. Brady would continue to feed Gronk with quality targets and touchdowns to make him an annual first round pick and one of the top scoring TEs in NFL & fantasy history.
But what about Godwin? – If you're worried about the emergence of Chris Godwin stealing looks, don't be. Brady has a proven history with supporting both his large RZ receiver and his smaller slot receiver. For every highlight-reel game Moss played with TB, there's also Wes Welker averaging 15 ppg. For every league-winning match with Gronk, there's still Wes Welker out there averaging 14.5 ppg until he left for Denver in 2013, where Edelman took over and averaged 13 ppg.
But he hasn’t done it lately? – True, but that’s partly because NE only recently focused on utilizing world-class defense and a battering run game. The Pats started their 2016 season with Brady suspended for the first four games due to his involvement with the controversial "Deflategate" scandal. To prepare for this, Bellichick created an effective game-plan based on employing a disciplined "bend, don't break" defense while establishing the run. Their defensive ranks previously hovered between above average to mediocre per PFR.
The Patriots rampaged all the way to a Lombardi via human battering ram LeGarrette Blount, who produced an amazing 1,161 rushing yards and 18 rushing TDs! It obviously helped that their defense was also ranked number one in the league. In fact, this was one of only two seasons in the past decade (at that point) where a single Pats receiver hadn’t scored 10 or more TDs. FYI, 2013 was the other season, and Gronk just happened to be injured during both years. Which brings me to the next topic...
But what about Gronk? – Gronk is back! But is he really? Has any offensive player ever “retired” for at least a year, verified their retirement with a worrying change in physique or hobbies, then come back and had a successful fantasy season? Not Marshawn Lynch. Not Jason Witten. Not even Ricky Williams, who “retired” after only his third season for legal reasons. While Gronk may get a few RZ looks, he retired for a reason, and Evans will easily demonstrate why he deserves to be TB's new goal-line favorite.
But can TB12 still do it? – The rumors of Brady's arm's death are greatly exaggerated. ranked Brady as the #4 best deep passer last year. If you don't trust their opinions, then PFF provides a more analytical approach and ranked Brady at #14. Keep in mind that he only had a single game with Antonio Brown's Big Chest, six games with the ghost of Josh Gordon's, then had to rely on Phillip Dorsett the rest of the way. Regardless of these obstacles, TB actually had the fourth largest improvement in his deep ball accuracy when compared to 2018.
So we addressed Evan's "new QB" questions. On to the next concern...
He’s already done it before – Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has experience working with another "aging, old timer" QB. In 2013, Arians became head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, who acquired veteran QB Carson Palmer via trade with the Oakland Raiders. When Palmer was traded to the desert, the public viewed him as "unspectacular," "lost," and "nearing the end of his career."
During his first season under BA, Palmer threw the most passing yards (4,274) he’s ever thrown at that point. So no “new offense” jitters with a seasoned vet like Palmer, and I would bet the same for a pro like Brady. Additionally, Palmer’s next full season (he was injured early during his following season) saw him throw not only his highest passing yards ever at 4,671 yards, but also broke the Cardinals single season TD record with 35 TDs! BA was able to coach Palmer into playing at his personal best during the twilight of his career, and I anticipate the same happening with Brady.
HE'S ALWAYS DONE IT – Seriously, look at his stats. In his entire NFL career, he's never gone under 1K receiving yards, and averages 8 TDs/year. This includes his rookie year, where both Mike Glennon & Josh McCown shared duties as his starting quarterback. His career fantasy average is 14.0 ppg (0.5 ppr). He led the league in drawing PIs last year, which I'm sure Brady will love to exploit often. Even FantasyPros predicts 2020 will be his best season yet. The biggest drawback with Evans is that while his season total numbers are impressive, he is wildly inconsistent from game-to-game. This reminds me of another highly drafted WR who routinely has extreme boom or bust weeks but always finishes the year as a WR1. That man is Quintorris Lopez "Julio" Jones.
Everyone loves Julio Jones because he has a proven history of high season totals. Even the savviest of managers are willing to draft him early year-after-year, despite being fully aware of his unpredictably volatile weekly production. The allure of Julio lifting your whole team to reach the highest of highs is worth suffering through sporadic weeks of the lowest of lows. Well, if it’s crazy boom-bust potential that you’re seeking, look no further than Mike Evans. Still-anxious owners last year can remember nervously watching each week to witness Evans either conquering insanely high peaks or suffering through soul crushing valleys. If watching Jones play is as anxiety-inducing as watching a film like "Parasite," then Evans is like watching "Uncut Gems."
In just 14 games last year, Julio Jones finished the fantasy season (weeks 1-16) as the #4 WR in all formats. Mike Evans? He ended the season early as #5 in std, #8 in 0.5ppr, and #11 in ppr in only 13 games started. Had he played another game like Julio and scored his fantasy average in std (12.8 ppg vs Julio’s 12.0 ppg) and half ppr (15.3 ppg vs 15.2 ppg), Evans would’ve topped Jones and outranked him. And his two missed games were against Detroit and Houston’s weak secondaries!
Jones has a proven track record of inconsistent consistency, yet he is currently going in the late first/early second round of fantasy drafts as the consensus WR5 with an ADP of #14 (ECR #12). Meanwhile, Mike Evans is going in the late second/early third round as the consensus WR8 with an ADP of #25 (ECR #24).

Mike Evans is a volatile WR1 who should thrive as TB12's new favorite deep threat target and red-zone toy. He's proven to be good for at least 1K yards, regardless of QB. His new QB has proven he can support a deep threat with a strong slot receiver. His coach has proven his offense can support multiple wideouts with a new, aging QB. Evans is a WR1 available at a discount with great TD upside and an improved floor. Don't forget about him.


Previous posts:
League Winner Alert: Draft Melvin Gordon, TD King
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2020.07.15 00:38 NotUsingMyLibraryPC General Discussion + this week's schedule of fights

General Discussion + this week's schedule of fights
Vanessa Demopoulos
UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Ige (Wednesday 7/15)
  • Molly McCann vs. Taila Santos
  • Liana Jojua vs. Diana Belbiţă

LFA 85: Hughes vs. Demopoulos (Friday 7/17)
  • Sam Hughes vs. Vanessa Demopoulos (Vacant Strawweight Championship match) (Main Event)

Road Fighting Championship ARC 002 (Saturday 7/18)
  • Ji Soo Park vs. Yoo Jin Shin

UFC Fight Night: Figueiredo vs. Benavidez 2 (Saturday 7/18)
  • Ariane Lipski vs. Luana Carolina

*All dates are according to North American timezones.
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2020.07.14 03:55 Rude_Lifeguard K-pop stans, K-pop hate and misoginy in the industry is no different that in the west.

When One Directionn and Justin Bieber where at the height of their careers from 2012-2015 i was a hard core directioner, and it is always weird to me how people claim that Kpop stans are the worst thing that happend to the world since avocados (i hate avocados).
Everything that the more extreme kpop stans do remind me to the things that we did at our worst times
And the stans of western artist are no different, arianator, barbz and the behive are some of the worst when it comes to all of these thing, specially harrasing peope if they dont like ariana, nicki or beyonce.
The only reason why kpop stans seem worst than everybody else is because kpop is a whole genre whith many artist falling into it, wich means more fans, if that makes sence. A better example would be, imagine if instade of being attacked by Barbz for saying that you dont like Nicki Minaj you got attacked by every person that listens to every rapper.
Another thing is the underlying misoginy of demonizing everything that has a majority teenage female fan base
I would also like to add that kpop idols are not under more scrutiny that western artist, and that the hate that they do get its 9 times out of 10 because they are famous people who are spected to be perfect and not because of korean standars, Beyonce, Ariana, Dua Lipa, Harry styles, and all the other people in the western music industry get called fat, sluts, ugly, untalented, and all the rest just as much as kpop idols, of course that korean beauty standars is one of the reasons why they get hate, but its not the majority .
Finally i would like to say that misoginy in the industry and within fans is also not that different from westerns misoginy, the fat and slut shaming, and woman having to be second only to jesus all the time, having to have a smile in your face all the time or you get called a bitch, having to wear makeup all the time or people call you ugly, having to be the "perfect" weight or people call you fat, are all issues woman suffer both in kpop and in the western music industry. And man do have it easier, remember easier doesnt mean easy, it doesnt mean that the mean in these industries are not criticised, i doesnt mean the dont also have standars to met, i doesnt mean that they dont work hard, i just means the system is set up for them to have a smooth ride while the woman have to clime rocks to get to their same level, its not their fault but it happens and it can only change if we as a community accept that is real.
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2020.07.08 20:00 brodaniaTV Valorant VS COVID to Support Healthcare - A Canadian fundraiser tournament on July 18th/19th.

Hello all Valorant players!
My name is Arian, or "brodania". I'm the Western Canada Community Manager for MemoryExpress and I'm happy to present our first ever Valorant tournament!
The primary focus of this tournament is to raise money for our local hospitals to support the tirelessly working healthcare professionals. So far we were able to raise around 13K CAD with our two previous tournaments. See this for info.
Before I get into the details, here is some information about the tournament.
More Info
This is our 3rd fundraiser tournament this year and we couldn't be more excited. As a veteran CS player, I'm really into Valorant and can't wait to see what it's like in a year from now. I'm super grateful that we're able to host a tournament and I'd love to see you guys join in on it.
Please feel free to message me if you have any inquiries!
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2020.06.28 18:07 Bipedal-Moose [OC] 63 MVPs in 63 days, part 58: The 2014 MVP race

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part 58 of my series in which I’ll be researching and dissecting every single MVP race in NFL history. Today, we’re going to be looking into the 2014 race. But first, a look at the voting results from you for the 2013 race. 88 people voted, and here are the results:
  1. Peyton Manning: 81/88 votes (92.1%)
  2. Tom Brady: 7/88 votes (8.0%)

2014 AP MVP: Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (31 votes)

Other notable candidates: Houston Texans DE JJ Watt (13 votes)
Others receiving votes: Cowboys QB Tony Romo (2 votes), Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray (2 votes), Patriots QB Tom Brady (1 vote), Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner (1 vote)
The winner: Aaron Rodgers joins the multiple MVPs club with his second career MVP win.
The race
Here are the stats for the notable contenders for MVP in 2014. Remember, though, that the context behind the stats is equally as important as the stats themselves, so I encourage you to read the player profiles below.
Comp/Att Yds Y/A TD INT Rate ANY/A Rush-Yds-TDs Fumbles
341/520 4,381 8.4 38 5 112.2 8.7 43-269-2 12
Sack Int-Yds-TDs FF FR-Yds-TDs TFL QB Hits
20.5 1-80-1 4 5-59-1 29 51
Note: Watt also had 3 receptions for 4 yards and 3 TDs.
Note: Bold indicates a league lead in that particular category. Italics indicate a league record.
The case for and against Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers returned to the top of the QB ranks in 2014 after an injury limited him to 9 starts in 2013. He did it with style: Rodgers ranked 7th in passing yards, 3rd in passing TDs, and 1st in TD-INT differential by a comfortable margin (his +33 differential was 8 better than Tony Romo’s +25). But of course, Rodgers’ elite volume wasn't the most impressive thing about his season: his staple overwhelming efficiency returned as well, as he ranked 1st in ANY/A, by a margin of over half a yard. There are but few arguments to be made against Rodgers as the best QB in the NFL in 2014.
And once again, Rodgers chipped in very good production on the ground. Among QBs, his 269 rushing yards ranked 7th in the league and his 2 rushing TDs ranked T-6th. No QB ahead of Rodgers in either of those two categories had passing numbers that rivaled his. Rodgers’ statistical dominance earned him consensus first team all-pro honors at the QB position for the second time in his career.
The Packers’ team around Rodgers was decent at best, but probably closer to mediocre. Even with Rodgers’ excellent production in rushing, the team ranked 11th in rushing yards and 10th in rushing YPC. The Packers’ defense was once again underwhelming, ranking 18th in points allowed per drive, and the Packers’ offense only had the 13th best average starting field position. Nevertheless, the team ranked 1st in points scored per drive and went 12-4. One year after the team floundered about in Rodgers’ absence, it’s still not difficult to see the effect Rodgers had on the team: he elevated it considerably.
Of course, Rodgers still had his fair share of support on the offensive side. The Packers still had Jordy Nelson at WR, who turned in an elite season, and Randall Cobb also enjoyed what was easily the best season of his career. Rodgers also had an excellent offensive line blocking for him, led by David Bakhtiari and Josh Sitton on the left side. Rodgers posting a career-low sack rate of 5.1% owes no shortage of gratitude to them.
The case for and against Watt
I don’t think it would be all too controversial to say Watt had the most impressive individual performance in 2014. It was nearly superhuman: as a 3-4 DE, Watt finished with 20.5 sacks, 2nd in the league only behind Justin Houston’s 22.0 at an edge rushing position. The next highest mark posted by a 3-4 DE was 9.0 sacks by Vinnie Curry. Watt’s 29 tackles behind the line of scrimmage led the league by a comfortable margin (Houston was the next best at 23), and his 51 QB hits towered over everyone else (next best was Carlos Dunap at 28) and were a new league record (though the stat had only been recorded since 2006). It wasn’t just the stats: Watt clearly passed the eye test. For the second time in his career, he was named AP Defensive Player of the Year, joining exclusive company.
Watt even chipped in on the scoreboard. He joined the Texans’ offense on some goal line packages and came up with 3 TD receptions on 3 catches. He got an 80 yard pick-6 in week 4 against the Bills. He forced 4 fumbles and recovered 5, notching a scoop ‘n score in week 6. He did everything. Watt’s dominance came on a defense that certainly lacked starpower outside of himself (he was the only one with any individual accolades to speak of in 2014), and was given the 17th best average starting field position in the league thanks to a lackluster offense led by Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB, but still ranked 3rd in points allowed per drive and 1st in turnovers forced. It’s no stretch to say this defense wouldn’t be what it was without Watt.
The two biggest issues with Watt’s candidacy are obviously positional value and team success. The two issues are tied together: even with a player as otherworldly as Watt, the Texans missed the playoffs at 9-7. There is a substantial base of voters who believe that the most valuable contributions in the league only happen on playoff teams, and that contributions to non-playoff teams are inherently less valuable. And, of course, it would be doing a disservice to claim that Watt was the only good player on the Texans: the team had solid players like Jonathan Joseph and AJ Bouye in their secondary, and on offense, they had a stellar WR duo in DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson, who, even at his old age, produced a 1,000+ yard pace in his 14 full games; they also had Arian Foster at RB, who was highly productive in his 13 games, with nearly 1,600 scrimmage yards and 13 TDs. Those 3 players all benefited from having a legitimately good offensive line that collectively missed just 1 game and featured the likes of Duane Brown, Chris Meyers, and Brandon Brooks.


Vote for the player you think had the best case here after reading the post! Tomorrow we'll review the results in the 2015 post.
Click here for links to previous editions dating back to 1957!
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2020.06.26 11:26 chwistianboidab How to Refute Arianism

Hello everyone, my Christadelphian friend sent me these 12 ”reasons” for why Jesus isn’t God. Christadelphianism is basically a modern restorationalist Arian movement. I found I wasn’t able to answer all of these objections, so I’d very much appreciate it if someone who knows more than I do could respond to some of these 12 objections.

  1. The fundamental truth of the Bible is that God is One. Any teaching that in any way appears to deviate from or undermime this profound truth must be very firmly substantiated. The doctrine of the Trinity pretends to be such a teaching, yet it is entirely absent from the entire Old Testament. This doesn't make sense.
  2. Mortality and Immortality are mutually exclusive characteristics. If Jesus is God, he couldn't have really died, for God is immortal by nature. Likewise, if Jesus died, he couldn't really be God, for God cannot die. Immortality is not a fluctuating quality! A being is either mortal or immortal. You can't have it both ways with this. Either Christ died, and he was mortal during his time of ministry 2000 years ago, or he's God and could have never died. Pick onealternative, as holding both is simply untenable. Traditional Christians typically respond to this point with the idea stated above in the introduction, that Jesus was fully human and fully God. But look at the next point.
  3. For the temptations of Christ to have been in any way real, there had to exist the possibility that he could sin. If Christ is God, it is impossible that he could have sinned, for God is perfect by nature. Jesus pointed this out in Mt 19:17, marking the distinction between himself and God (only ONE is good...). If Christ was God, and therefore couldn't sin, all his 'temptations' were faked, and his identification with mankind a cruel sham! And for those affirming the "fully God/fully man" idea, do you really see God locking Himself into a nature that could potentially sin? Finally, James explicitly states that God cannot be tempted by evil (1:13-15).
  4. Another point: God is all-knowing, Jesus learned (Luke 2:40, 52) during his life, which implicitly means acquiring knowledge or wisdom not previously possessed. In fact, there were some things Jesus never knew until after his resurrection - like the date of his return (Mrk 13:32). Traditional Christian thought (see above) has it that he never ceased to be God, so how did he learn? Did he just 'forget' for a while, while on earth? Did he later "remember" that he was omniscient? Again, omniscience and humanity are mutually exclusive characteristics. And if you are omniscient, you can't shed that quality temporarily.
  5. God is undeniably all-powerful, while Jesus always acknowledged that his power was received from God, not inherently his own (ie. John 7:16, 8:28, 12:49-50, 14:28). He said this about his teaching as well, in many places. Why would he say this if he and God were the one and same? In addition, when the disciples requested to sit at his right hand and at his left, he said that this was not his to give, but the Fathers' to decide (Matt. 20:23). The usual response to this is that the different persons of God have different domains of authority; but there you would venture out onto thin ice indeed, as it is very difficult to be One, yet have multiple and distinct personhoods, with distinct levels of authority.
  6. God is by nature invisible and never seen (Jn. 1:18, I Tim. 6:16, I Jn. 4:12); Jesus was of course seen. To say that God was never seen, and then to continue that Jesus is God just doesn't make sense. The idea that Jesus is God isn't a mystery or some profound biblical truth too deep to understand - it just doesn't make sense.
  7. In the Bible, God = the Father, and no other. See Rom. 1:7, Col.3:17, I Thes. 1:1, II Tim 1:2 and many more (for example, the introductory words of almost all Paul's letters). The appelations "the Father" and "Jesus" are never used interchangeably in the Bible.
  8. In Matt. 28:10 Jesus speaks of his followers as "brethren". Are we children of God, or brethren of God? We can't be both. It again follows from this simple description of our relationships to them that Jesus and God occupy very distinct stations. And in fact, how can a Father and Son be the one and same? Again, to affirm so isn't a mystery, it's nonsense.
  9. In Matt. 3:17 God says: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" in a voice from heaven as Jesus rose from the waters of baptism - What is the value of God indicating his pleasure in Christ, if Christ was God himself? And what had Christ supposedly achieved here, if he was God and it was impossible for him by nature to sin or do wrong?
  10. I Cor 11:3 and 15:28. Here are two more instances (post resurrection!) where Christ is clearly not equal with God.
  11. And the clincher: in John 8:17-18 Jesus quotes from the law the necessity that evidence, to be valid, must be agreed upon by two witnesses. Jesus states that the two witnesses are himself and God. Two, not one. If Jesus were God, there was only one witness, and if Jesus says there are two, then he and God are not the same being.
  12. In Ephesians 5:2, Christ is described as a "fragrant offering and sacrifice to God". This does not make sense if they are the one and same person. And in fact, if Christ is God, could you really conceive as the all-powerful God, the only creator of the universe, supreme in glory and majesty, as a 'sacrifice'? Here is where we Christadelphians really have a problem with the supposed doctrine that Jesus is God: it's a nice idea that God gave himself as a sacrifice for us; but the all-powerful God of the universe as a pitiful sacrifice for me, a human sinner? Somehow we just don't see it. However, the vision of Jesus as a perfect man, the most loved son of God, overcoming the inherent weaknesses of the flesh by prayer and determination: there is an image that makes sense.
Thank you so much!
God bless :)
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2020.06.23 08:06 crystallize1 Reconstructing The History Of The Mediterranean

In this epilogue, we briefly outline the course of the main historical events in the Mediterranean in the first millennium AD, as it emerges as a result of the entire study of Morozov. The facts already discussed in the book itself, we report without any comments, just in a few places supplementing them with considerations that did not find a place in the book. Not to bind ourselves with any a priori periodizations, we will divide the presentation simply by centuries.

I century

One must think that in the 1st century writing was already known, but documents of this (or earlier) time either did not reach us or were hopelessly lost in a mass of absolutely undateable texts. The only exception, perhaps, is the biblical record of the flood from 35. Therefore, here we can only follow general considerations and analogies.
In the estuaries of large rivers, primarily the Nile, in the straits and on the islands of the Archipelago by this time quite large settlements had formed, in which the decomposition of the tribal system went quite far, a layer of professional military men stood out, exchange trade was conducted with the “outback” of Africa (along Nile) and Europe (along the Danube), merchant shipping began, and with it piracy.
It is unclear whether the production of iron and steel was already known and whether the inhabitants of the Mediterranean were familiar with horse breeding. They almost certainly did not know the viticulture.
Religion exists in the forms of primitive magic, animism and shamanism. In Egypt, the cult of mummies reigns, and in southern Italy, volcanoes are deified.

II century

There are still no written monuments. Shipping continues to develop. Larger and richer coastal cities cease to be limited to short-term raids on their neighbors and try to establish a system of permanent tribute. This leads to the beginnings of feudal military associations of cities, which are constantly being created and destroyed. This process is most intensive at the crossroads of sea and land trade routes: in the Nile Delta, in the Archipelago, on the Bosphorus.
Robber expeditions are organized inland to Asia and Africa. Distant echoes of them came to us in the form of campaigns of Alexander. It is possible that the success of these expeditions is determined by new steel weapons or the fact that they were already mounted.
Perhaps fragmentary “pre-dynastic” inscriptions in Egypt and some cuneiform texts of Mesopotamia date to this time.
About religion, as before, nothing definite can be said. Apparently, in connection with the development of ways and means of communication, individual local cults come into contact and mutually enrich each other. It is possible that the Egyptian and Italian cults gain priority and special significance, as the most impressive.

III century

A number of biblical texts can be interpreted as narrating the events of the end of this century. Their inconsistency and slurredness make it possible to outline only the most general contours of events. Apparently, in this century, repeated attempts have been made to create a solid "empire" of coastal cities, recognizing a single center as their overlord and paying tribute to him. This center was located somewhere near the Bosphorus (Gissarlyk?).
In the middle of the century, the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius laid the foundation for monotheism in the form of God-fighting (a god fighting the wrong gods, Isra-elism). At the foot of Vesuvius, a religious center is being created, attracting pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean. A mixture of the local language and the language of pilgrims and clergy from the islands of the Archipelago marks the beginning of the liturgical Latin language.
In 270, for the first time, it was possible to create a more or less stable empire. Its rulers, whose true names are not known to us, either conclude an alliance with the priests of South Italian monotheism, or are themselves the high priests of this cult. The first written laws are drawn up. In 284, the first mandatory calendar was introduced (most likely a 365-day calendar).
The official language of this empire was some kind of Semitic language, close to the language of the Bible. Conditionally, it can be called Syrian-Egyptian. The languages of everyday communication were various local languages of Romance, Germanic, Slavic, Semitic origin.

IV century

This was, apparently, the most important century in the history of mankind, which left its imprint on its entire course. Its beginning is marked by the final consolidation of the "Romeian Empire", which, having survived a series of modifications, was able to survive almost to the present day. The capital of this empire almost immediately became Constantinople, exceptionally well located at the crossroads of the sea routes. To what extent and how far the empire extended its power to the West is unclear. It is possible that in the West its own statehood took shape quite early, sometimes subordinating (perhaps, in the order of personal union), then separating from Romea.
The first emperors of the Romei empire are known to us by their Greek or Latin nicknames, which were given to them by historians only a few centuries later: Diocletian - God-called, Constantine - Stable. At that time, foreign, meaningless names were impossible, and therefore the very fact that these names are borrowed from two different languages proves their fiction. It is very possible that the name of Constantine was derived from the name of its capital, Constantinople, meaning "Strong City". The same emperors (but, of course, with different names) are known to us from the Bible and hieroglyphic texts. Unfortunately, a confident comparison of different names does not work. The worst is the situation with the three: Saul, Solomon, David, since the relevant chapters of the Bible are one of the most recent, exposing the author’s hand, which has already grown in graceful literature, who wrote not a chronicle but something like a fantasy adventure novel, varying the actual material at his disposal quite arbitrarily.
The most artificial form of government - the tetrarchy with its system of Sacred Persons - Augustus and Caesars (perhaps from jewish KOSHAR - strong) subordinate to them, perhaps, was really introduced at that time, apparently, in the form of a kind of political compromise. Despite this, theoretically (and practically) the main form of government was autocracy on a religious basis; therefore, the strengthening of the state required the strengthening and codification of the state religion. By the sum of all the indications, this codification was first carried out by Arius-Aron, but the code itself was attributed to Diocletian-Moses, who, as emperor and high priest, ensured its implementation.
Subsequently, when in the course of its development Arianism turned into Christianity, this new doctrine, to give itself greater authority, moved its beginning 300 years into the past and declared Arianism one of its own heresies. When in response one of the branches of Arianism took its beginning even further - for 1800 years into the past, their opponents, using a different pronunciation of the name of the Legislator, announced that their Aryan was not Aryan, but a completely different person - Aron, whose law was repealed Christ himself. In the future, this current of Arianism, overgrown with additional fantastic increases, laid the foundation for Islam and Judaism.
There is practically no reliable information about Arius, nor about his contemporary Konstantine-Strong. The two main primary sources about him, Eusebius and Zosim, diverge in almost everything. Apparently, Constantine was a supporter of the cult of the Sun (see [7], pp. 57–58), or rather, one of the sects of Arianism, distinguished by elements of the deification of the Sun.
In general, one must think that the codification activity of Arius ended only with partial success and did not stop the existence of an immense conglomerate of various sects and their individual branches fighting for power over the souls of believers (primarily the emperor and his family). It is possible that in 325 one of these sects managed to achieve a temporary victory over Arius, which gave rise to the myth of the Council of Nicaea.
The information about the Nicene Council is fantastic, in particular, as reported by Athanasius (whose works, we recall, were published only in 1690 in Paris), the number of members of this council is 318. He clearly borrowed it from the Book of Genesis, which says: “Abraham armed his slaves... three hundred and eighteen, and persecuted the adversaries until Dan” (Genesis, XIV, 14).
Almost immediately after the death of Arius (in 336), the supremacy begins to be challenged by a sect, led by the “Great King” (Emperor Julian?). The internecine struggle culminates in Easter 368, when the “Great King” is subjected to columning.
The personality of the “Great King” made a deep impression on others and was reflected in countless legendary and legendary characters. Apparently, only the most dramatic episode of “Ascension to the Tree” remained in the Gospel Jesus of the entire “Great King”.
The "Great King" introduced the ritual of communion with wine into the church service, which immediately turned into bacchanalia - "agaph". Whether he introduced temple prostitution is unclear; it is possible that it existed before him. Although the excesses of “Bacchic” Christianity were soon condemned by John, the ritual established by the “Great King” with its “love parties” lasted more than five hundred years (until the X-XI centuries).
During the time of the “Great King”, the city of Rome was founded as a border guard fortification, part of a system of fortresses that protect southern Italy from attacks from the north.
The final victory, expressed in recognition of its statehood, was won by the Church of the “Great King” with the accession of Emperor Theodosius, who was given the title of “Great” for his merits in strengthening the church. This was the last emperor, uniting in his hands power over the West and the East; after him, the barbarian West leaves the Roman Empire.
However, along with the monotheistic religion, which owes its origin to Vesuvius, the founders of the Roman Empire and their successors also supported the Egyptian cults of the dead. Apparently, the South Italian and Egyptian cults, formally united in one religion, never ceased to quarrel. In any case, the biblical books of “Kings” constantly indignantly denounce the God-Slavic and God-fighting kings in their adherence to the cult of “heights”.
Be that as it may, at this time the Romei emperors are buried in Egypt, and over the mummies of the three most famous of them the construction of the Great Pyramids begins, not only as memorial temples, but also as stairs to heaven.
Thanks to the endless forgeries of the clerical and anti-clerical apocryphists of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, who started arguing with themselves under the names of supposedly ancient Christian teachers, it is very difficult to get a clear idea of the 4th century Romeic theology. In any case, it had very few points in common with modern Christian theology and the first approximation to it (very distorted in the chain of successive transmissions) is, apparently, the so-called "Eastern cults" (in particular, the cult of Mithras), "classical" Pantheon, as well as beliefs, known from hieroglyphic and cuneiform texts.
The only religious work of the time that reached us, we can hope, without significant distortion, is the Apocalypse, written in 395. It arose among opposition sects and its ideology has not been recognized by the ruling church for a very long time. The Greek language in which it was written, also had to give first place to the official Syriac-Egyptian language for a long time.

V century

We can make up a rather definite, but almost certainly very one-sided impression of the ideological situation of this century, since compositions that go against the faction that won in the end were not included in the canon and were lost for us. However, a more thorough study of the vast clerical material, perhaps, will allow this one-sidedness to be overcome. But this is difficult, since almost any information about this century coming from the church is apocryphal.
So far we are forced to characterize the V century as the century of intense expectation of the second coming of Christ, reflected in intense prophetic activity with a strong astrological bias.
All the “major” prophecies (in their astronomically dated part) are written in the period 442-466 under the influence of comets and the convergence of large planets in Scorpio. Both ecumenical councils of this century (Ephesus and Chalcedon) were also clearly convened in anticipation of the second coming of the Messiah expected according to astrological evidence, although the official clerical version explains their convening by disputes around a dry and artificially contrived "Christological problem."
The expectation of the second coming and the non-appearance of Christ were to give rise to a large number of diverse schismatic sects persecuted by the official church and state. One might think that these persecutions were the primary source of the legends of the “persecution of Christians,” since “evangelical” Christianity would later develop from one of these sects.
The attempt of the emperor Zeno with his Act of Unity (Enotikon) to reconcile the warring parties only added fuel to the fire and increased the number of fighting parties. The text of this Act is almost certainly apocryphal.
Historians report that at the time in question, politics in Constantinople was made by two "circus" parties, prasins and venets, the rivalry between which even led to bloody clashes in 445. This is absolutely unique, because in the Middle Ages, political differences always and everywhere took not a circus form, but always a religious one. Everything will fall into place if we recall that even in the early Renaissance, the theater was still not separated from the church and the “theater mysteries” were essentially not much different from religious rites. And a thousand years before that, the church, theater and circus were still completely united. Therefore, the "circus parties" were actually "parties of the church" and did not possess any uniqueness. We see how, under the apocryphal pen of the clergy, the essentially integral struggle within the church was divided into secular struggles in the circus and theological Christology in the church.
Apparently, in the 5th century, Pompey perishes completely and the role of the Italian center of the Christian Jehovah's cult goes to Rome, where this cult is combined with the veneration of Peter the Apostle caused by the fall of the meteorite. (To determine, at least guessingly, the time of the fall of this meteorite is not possible).
Among the political events of this century, the most important are the invasion of the Huns and the conquest of Italy by the Goths.
Question: is it a coincidence that the so-called “fall of the Roman Empire” occurred almost simultaneously with the death of Pompeii?

VI century

Within the framework of post-apocalyptic Christianity, intensive myth-making continues. There is an extensive religious literature, part of which, in the following centuries and in a revised form, will be the biblical canon. Circumcision appears (or, moreover, has long appeared and is spreading widely).
Nevertheless, the cheerful and drunk Christian-Dionysian rituals still remain the foundation of the state church. Only compositions from pro-apocalyptic opponents of these rituals (apparently still persecuted by the church and the state) have reached us, and therefore the true look of the state church of this time has to be painfully reconstructed from insignificant bits of information.
In the VI century lived Jacob Baradei, founder (541) of the Monophysite Jacobite sect, from which a number of modern autocephalous churches grew. He got into the Bible in the form of "forefather Jacob."
At the end of the VI century, a pontificate was formed in Rome, the first monasteries were organized and the cult of the Virgin Mary appeared, which supposedly saved the city from the horrors of the plague. In all of Italy, outside the Roman region, Arianism continues to reign.
Politically, the 6th century is the "Century of Justinian." The information that a civil (ie secular) code of laws was first drafted under Justinian seems to be true, but the “Justinian Code” we know is undeniably apocryphal. His true code was, one must think, very close to the “Hammurabi Code”, unless it exactly matched it.
Although the main source of this time, Procopius, is clearly apocryphal, the information he reports seems to contain some seeds of truth. For example, Procopius reports that Justinian's wife, Empress Theodora, was a circus girl and a famous prostitute in her youth, who later “joined the church.” This clearly should be understood in such a way that in the church of those times Theodora occupied the post of temple deaconess, who bestowed pilgrims “in the name of the Lord” with her love, not a humiliating and not shameful post. Only in this case it becomes clear how the prostitute became empress.
Justinian is credited with the construction activities of several temples, including the majestic Hagia Sophia. It is unclear whether this information is correct. However, we can fully judge the architecture of Justinian times (or at least one of its directions) using the example of the Dendera Temple.

VII century

In this century, three major events take place in the religious sphere.
In Rome, where pilgrims from northern “pagan” countries are increasingly appearing, the question of mission becomes relevant for the first time, i.e. spreading the "light of faith" among the Gentiles. Formerly, belonging to the church provided for belonging to the empire, and it was believed that representatives of foreign nations should not be in the church. Subsequently, proponents of this view gave rise to Judaism.
Since the economy and status of Rome depended almost exclusively on the number of pilgrims visiting the city, its leaders could not agree with this point of view and put forward the opposite idea of a “world church”. Apostle Paul was added to the Apostle Peter as an exponent of this new idea and the spread of Christianity around the world began.
The second important event was the first entry of evangelical ideology into the wide public arena, which was previously the faith of the Greek-speaking lower classes and opposition preachers. One must think that at that time the early Gospels (the “books of the covenant” of Josiah-Heracles) already existed, and the well-known Gospel of Mark had yet to be written at the end of the 7th century.
The third major event (apparently closely related to the second) was the departure of the south of the Roman Empire to Hagarism. As a result, the previously united empire split ideologically, and therefore politically, into two states: the empire and the caliphate.
In accordance with the “old-fashioned” nature of Hagarism, the former Syriac-Egyptian dialect, which later turned into the “classical” Arabic language, was preserved in the caliphate as an official language. In the empire, primacy began to gradually shift to the Greek language, in which the holy books of the new faith were written. The first sign of this trend was the adoption by Heracles of the Greek title of basileus.
In the same century, apparently, the preliminary compilation of the Old Testament canon (nevertheless subjected to some corrections up to the XIV-XV centuries) is being completed.
We see that the significance of the VII century is quite comparable with that of the fourth century.

VIII century

The clerical reform carried out by Heracles could not have passed without pain even in Constantinople itself. The entire VIII century and the first half of the IX century are occupied by the religious and political struggle that shook the very foundations of the state. Following their practice of belittling the significance and meaning of religious reforms of that time, the clergy, and after them secular scholars, qualify this period as a period of struggle for and against the veneration of icons. In fact, this was the period of the development of evangelical Christianity as opposed to the previous “Bacchic” dogma.
The feud in the empire caused a massive (tens of thousands) emigration of the clergy to India, where the seeds of Christian monotheism had already been sown. This gave impetus to the development of Hinduism and Buddhism there.
At this time in the Byzantine Empire, a monogamous family receives ideological justification, and polygamy begins to be prosecuted. For the first time mixed (male and female) monasteries are prohibited. (Decree of the VII Ecumenical Council of 787 in Nicaea).
The Roman Church is separated from the Byzantine, and Rome for the first time receives political freedom, which, however, he is immediately forced to give to the Frankish kings.
At the end of the VIII century, power in Byzantium passed into the hands of Empress Irina. The appearance of a woman on the throne was then a startling innovation, violating all the canons. It must be thought that, ideologically, this played a large role. Fifty years later (i.e., in the next century), a woman also ascends to the throne in Rome.
Irina's stay on the throne (and therefore the absence of a male emperor) gave Charlemagne the legal clue to declare himself emperor, because according to the ideas of those times, there could only be one emperor on earth (as there could be only one god in heaven).

IX century

The actual opportunity to become the emperor of the "Romans" in the first year of the 9th century was given to Charles precisely by the church separation of Rome from Byzantium. Thus, in the West (apparently for the first time) there is its own "Roman Empire". The stream of legends about the former "imperial greatness" of Rome, which originated long before that and now emphasizing the supposedly leading role of the West, is powerfully amplified and, as far as possible, unified in order to create the ideological foundation of the new empire. There are no legends about the "republican" past; they are not required.
By the middle of the 9th century, a certain religious equilibrium sets in. In the Roman Empire, evangelical, monogamous Christianity prevails, which provides it with a “period of incomparable greatness” ([54], p. 71). Rome remains faithful to the former, polygamous faith, only somewhat corrected by Paulinism. Old faith in the form of Hagarism is preserved in the caliphate. Apparently, by this time Hagarism also accepts the "principle of universality." Its difference from the Roman faith is mainly political. The next major branch of Christianity is the Old Believers who have not accepted the principle of universality. They are concentrated mainly in Italy (northern and, possibly, southern) and in Spain, without forming a separate statehood.
Representatives of all these movements, although feeling their isolation, nevertheless consider themselves fellow believers who venerate the same God. Their final separation into four separate churches (two of which even lost the title of “Christian”) is a thing of the future.

X century

According to Diehl, this was the period when Byzantium acquired "incomparable brilliance" ([30], p. 74). In the south, its border was pushed back to the Euphrates and Tigris, and in the east, it included Armenia and Iveria. The Armenians began to play a large role in the empire; they gave the empire its soldiers, generals, administrators, and even emperors. Along with the Slavic, the Armenian component has become one of the most important in the formation of the ethnic community of the Romans. At this time, to designate a citizen of the empire, the term “Hellenic” - “God's man” first appears. The official language of the empire finally becomes Greek. Secular Greek literature is emerging (in the school of Konstantin Porfirorodny).
Evangelical Christianity prevailing in the Roman Empire spreads to Russia in this century. It gradually penetrates into Rome, which is still Old Believers.
Otton I founds the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, and Otton II unsuccessfully tries to make Rome its capital. Despite failure, this gives a new powerful impetus to the legends of "classical Rome."

XI century

In its significance, this century is quite comparable with the VII and IV centuries. In Rome, the “Cluny reform” is taking place, that is, in fact, the revolutionary introduction of the Gospel doctrine, accompanied by such decisive innovations as the monogamy of the laity and the celibacy of the clergy.
In 1071, the Roman Empire suffered a crushing military defeat from the Seljuk Turks, who organize the "Rum Sultanate" in Asia Minor, that is, according to their ideas, the old, idol-ridden "Roman Empire" cleansed of the "evangelical defilement". The return to old faith was naturally accompanied by a return to the former clerical language, but in its “Arabic” version.
In this century, the final separation of churches takes place; four previously opposing religions emerge from the previously unified proto-Christian dogma. The most “old-fashioned” teachings, which did not accept the principles of Paulinism, give rise to Judaism, and the former Hagarian sects, who accepted the veneration of Mohammed, to Islam. Admirers of Christ are divided into Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches (and a number of smaller autocephalous churches).
One might think that the primary geographical centers of the crystallization of Judaism, as a doctrine opposed to evangelical Christianity, were Lombardy and Southern Spain.
The ethnonym “Hebrew” —EBRI means “migrant” (see [1], p. 367). Perhaps this goes back to the resettlement of the God-fighters from the vicinity of Vesuvius to Lombardy, and maybe it refers to the appearance of Jews in the Netherlands and in Eastern Europe (Poland and Lithuania). In any case, it clearly has a very late origin, since it is practically not used in the Bible (see [1], pp. 364-368)
It so happened that in the tough guild system that developed in the Middle Ages, the adherents of Judaism engaged in exchange-trading and credit-financial activities (usury, money-changing, transfer operations). These were the notorious "Lombard bankers." This kind of specialization of the Jews contributed to their alienation from the rest of the population and led to the emergence of anti-Semitism. (See, for example, [151] on this subject).
As in the case of Mohammedanism, the initiator of the religious-ideological isolation and alienation of Judaism was apparently the Christian church circles, but the ideologists of Judaism not only did not fight this, but, on the contrary, they reacted to the growing hostile attitude by the self-isolationist doctrine "God-chosenness" of Jewry. The result was the creation of a ghetto.
As for Palestine, the Jews were not there until very recently. The standard explanation that they lived there, but were completely expelled by the Romans, not only contradicts everything that was established above, but is easily refuted by itself. Indeed, a person’s love for his homeland is such that, being expelled, he strives to return there throughout his life and bequeaths it to his children. As numerous examples of the new and older (but reliable) time show, no matter what obstacles and slingshots are placed on the path of return, a certain (albeit small) part of the expelled population will always return sooner or later. Therefore, if the Jews actually lived once in Palestine, then at least some of them should have stayed there. Nevertheless, even according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, there were no Jews in the land of Palestine for about a thousand years, and for the first time they appeared there only in the XII century and then only as rare merchants in cities.
This circumstance has attracted the attention of historians for a long time, but fascinated by the myth of the long history of the Jewish people, they could only, bewildered, shrug their hands or refer to assimilation processes that, for some reason, led to the disappearance of Jews exclusively in Palestine.


In this brief review, we paid special attention to the evolution of religious beliefs because, firstly, in those days the history of religion was most directly intertwined with the history of society and the state, and secondly, nowhere else was so much falsifying effort put in than this question. The idea of an evolutionary, gradual development of the Christian religion, which lasted more than 600 years, was absolutely unacceptable to the clerics, and they did everything they could to conceal it. They had to fill the thousand-year gap with pseudo-historical, divorced from life disputes about the nature of Christ. Surprisingly, however, numerous secular, anticlerical researchers did not pay attention to the fact that, from the general standpoint of evolutionary theory, the traditional idea of the almost instant appearance of Christianity in the first century AD with almost completely developed dogmatic and ideological systems is absolutely impossible.
Of course, we only outlined, following Morozov, the main stages in the development of Christian ideology. A more in-depth study, requiring a critical rethinking of the entire pile of church-apologetic literature, is beyond the scope of this book.
We also left almost completely aloof Morozov’s considerations regarding the development of culture, in general, and theater art in particular. A reader who is interested in these issues should turn to Morozov himself.
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2020.06.21 22:12 JarOfKetchup [EVENT]Following ESA's manned moon mission, preparations continue to establish a permanent European presence by 2029

Following ESA's manned moon mission, preparations continue to establish a permanent European presence by 2029

Following ESA's successful 2027 moonlanding, the next step is a moonbase as previously agreed upon. It will do so on both Ariane 6 heavy lift and Ariane 7 super-heavy lift vehicles. These mission

Prior missions

Prior to this mission, ESA and her member countries will be flying several missions to the moon in preparation. These are detailed below:
SpaceBit Mission Three - SpaceBit, the first company to land a rover on the moon, will continue their work near the Marius Hills lavatubes. This mission will see the landing of a small solarpanel farm at the entrance to the cave network, connected to a drone-hub at the tunnel floor. Here upgraded Akuma-Long Range drones can come for recharging to allow for deeper exploration of the cave systems. The mission also serves as a testbed for multi-launch vehicle base building, albeit on the scale of 2.5kg robots instead of fully equipped humans. It will be flown on two Ariane 6 rockets in December 2028.
EMU Galilei lunar positioning system - Akin to the European Galileo positioning satellites on earth, the smaller Galilei satellite constellation will provide the same for the moon. Galilei is based on a cost-effective cube-sat design, and doubles as a method to confirm validity of the planned orbit for Montressor Spaceport (see below). In this way it will be similar to the proposed CAPSTONE, but on a larger scale. Galilei will be launched under the EMU banner instead of the standard ESA flag. It will be flown on a Ariane 6 rocket in January 2029.
ESA Moonbase module 1 (life support & 3D soil sintering) - The first ESA moonbase module will contain the life support equipment, and everything backing that up. This includes water-filtration, power generation, heat management, and CO2 scrubbing. It secondly carries an autonomous 3D soil sintering rover. This machine builds on the soil sintering system tested on the PTS ALINA. It uses lunar regolith interesting property of transforming from a grainy, sandy structure to a hard, single block when microwaved. This will be used to build the moonbase as shown here. It will be flown on an Ariane 7 rocket in June 2029.
ESA Moonbase module 2 (scientific) - The second ESA moonbase will contain all the scientific research gear. This includes several drones such as the SpaceBit Akume-LR. Module 2 also includes the primary rover to be used by the astronauts, with the pre-positioned, but single-seat HERACLES rover put in reserve. This module will also be 3D sintered by the robot brought along in module 1. It will be flown on an Ariane 7 rocket in August 2029.
Montressor Spaceport - Montressor Spaceport will function as a hub for all lunar purposes. It serves as an orbital hub from which much of lunar, cislunar, and even several higher earth orbit operations. Allowing deployment of repairefuel rockets launches, and laying the groundwork for a proper cislunar transportation infrastructure. To this end, Montressor is designed to accommodate rocket fuel depots, cargo transportation, and even laser-based “space-trains”. However, these are all possible additions for the future.
Montressor Spaceport will further serve a role comparable to the command module in the Apollo missions, and serve as an in between hub for manned flights to, and from the moon. It will be flown on an Ariane 7 rocket in August 2029.
ESA Moonbase module 3 (living quarters, supplies, and communications) - The third ESA moonbase is filled to the brim with all the supplies an astronaut could need. Everything from fresh air, to food, to entertainment and exercise machines. Beyond that, module 3 also features dedicated, high-power communication systems to replace the transitional communication systems on modules 1 and 2. Just like the other two modules, module 3 will also be covered with 3D sintered soil. It will be flown on an Ariane 7 rocket in September 2029.

ESA Manned Moon Base

The first crew of ESA's Manned moon base will consist of 6 astronauts with the following nationalities, and will stay for a total of 4 months before they will be relieved:
  • UK (2x)
  • French
  • Sepharadi
  • Norwegian
  • Latvian
This mission will coincidentally put the first Latvian and Norwegian in space, in a historic moment for both nations. Nations excluded from this first crew will be given priority in the second crew.
The mission will take place in October 2029, with a secondary launch date in December. Four months in, a new group of 6 astronauts will relieve them. These astronauts will in turn will be cycled out every 6-8 months.
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2020.06.15 05:20 GregLindahl An analysis of public information about New Glenn's manifest

New Glenn has 9+ launches on their manifest. Satellites are generally ordered 2-4 years in advance of the expected launch, and launches are generally ordered 2+ years before the expected launch. This information is usually public: either the satellite buyer or the satellite builder is often a public company, and this is material information. Arianespace (which provides Ariane launches) is also a public company.
Now that New Glenn's initial launch is expected around the end of 2021, a brief 18 months from now, we ought to be able to see a lot of public information about the satellites that are on New Glenn's manifest. So I attempted to look it all up, and here's what I found:
3 GEO satellite launch orders
6+ LEO Constellation launch orders
If I missed anything, please let me know in a comment.
(Edit: probably a bunch of edits as I attempt to find formatting that works for both mobile and desktop...)
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2020.06.14 01:27 Creepylols Turning “Black Lives Matter” to “All Lives Matter” is pretty narcissistic

I’m a white person. I support BLM. Other White people need to stop saying “All Lives Matter” because they are trying to make it all about themselves. “But all lives do matter”
listen Karen, all lives do matter, but black people are exposed to racism more than white people. Isn’t that why you won’t let any of your Arian blood children date a black person? Isn’t that why you walk across the street when you see a black person? So dumb!
yes all lives matter, but you shouldn’t make a movement all about yourself, if you really cared about “all lives” then you would mind saying black lives matter.
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  6. HOW TO GET LAID Date Ariane
  7. STRANGER GETS GRABBY - Ariane Dating Sim #3
  8. DATING ARIANE - MaryMonday's - YouTube
  9. Date Ariane (18+) - FaceCam Sundays - YouTube
  10. SHE IS SATAN! - BAD Dating Sim: ArianeB #1 - YouTube

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