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Check out the U-verse TV Channel Lineup to discover what TV channels are available in your area. Find the U-verse TV entertainment you love today. Total Home DVR function is available on up to 8 TVs, and req’s a receiver for each TV at $9/mo. Enjoy Much More With U300. If you like to bundle up your TV and internet services, then U-verse® TV U-300 has the best double play and triple play offers for your best source of entertainment and connectivity. AT&T TV offers live TV, entertainment apps, streaming and on-demand options similar to the U-verse TV you might be familiar with. AT&T TV also offers new features – see below for a comparison and head here to learn more. Watch Live TV and On Demand shows, manage your DVR, and use the app as a remote control. My U-verse Homepage Personalize your U-verse experience by adding your favorite shows, channels, and people ... Exciting Live Stream Events, Sports and more from AT&T U-Verse TV. Image. The Hottest New Movies Are Here Order Movies on Demand. Image. Image. Image. Image. Make Movie Night More Exciting! ... Uverse Apps Channel lineup ... AT&T U-verse’s five different TV packages should please anyone from the casual TV watcher to the dedicated movie fan. The basic package has over 25 channels and the most extensive U-verse TV package has over 565 channels. Here’s a quick rundown of what customers can get with each package: U-Basic TV. $19 per month + taxes; 25+ channels; U ... The Uverse App is available on the following platforms:. iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® (iOS 9.3 and above) Android® smartphones and tablets (OS 4.4 and above) Android wearables (Android WearTM OS) Amazon Fire TV devices ‎Take the U-verse experience with you with the U-verse App. Watch Live TV and On Demand shows, manage your DVR, and use the app as a remote control. With AT&T Data Free TV, stream U-verse Live and On Demand shows anywhere, without using mobile data! Only with AT&T and U-verse.* Live TV Watch Live… In July of 2015, AT&T acquired DirecTV in one of the largest mergers in America’s history. Ever since then, AT&T has been stuck between a rock and hard place with its two cable providers: DirecTV vs U-verse… and it’s pretty clear that DirecTV is the favorite child. Watch Live TV on the U-verse app Take your entertainment on the go and control your DVR, set your favorites, stream live TV or On Demand, and use your wireless device as a remote control to stay connected to your TV. Watch When You Wish Upon A Pickle - HBO® subscription required.. .

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2020.09.23 23:17 clutchy42 [Match Thread] Atlanta United vs FC Dallas (Sep. 23, 2020)

Atlanta United (3-7-2) vs FC Dallas (5-2-4)

  • Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, GA
  • Video: At the bottom of the post. There's a wall of text on where/how to watch...
  • Audio: FCD Radio
  • Live Chat: Join our Discord
  • Schedule: September 23, 2020 @ 6:00 PM CT

Team/Match Info

Preview 3rd Degree's Match Preview Set the Stage FC Dallas Roster Atlanta United
Formation: 4-3-3 Ferreira Picault Barrios Tessmann Servania Cerrillo Nelson Bressan Hedges Reynolds Maurer 
INJURIES: OUT: Paxton Pomykal - hip surgery OUT: Kyle Zobeck - groin
SUSPENSIONS: Thiago Santos (M - Yellow Card accumulation), Bryan Acosta (M - Red Card)
CALL UPS: none

Post-Match Summary

FT: Atlanta United FC 1-0 FC Dallas

45' Substitution, Atlanta United FC. Eric Remedi replaces Matheus Rossetto.
45' On: Adam JahnOff: Miles Robinson
47' Bressan Yellow Card
55' Jeff Larentowicz Penalty - Scored
68' Substitution, FC Dallas. Franco Jara replaces Brandon Servania.
69' On: Hárold MosqueraOff: Fabrice Picault
69' On: Bryan ReynoldsOff: John Nelson
72' Substitution, Atlanta United FC. Manuel Castro replaces Jon Gallagher.
81' On: Laurence WykeOff: Jake Mulraney
83' Substitution, FC Dallas. Dante Sealy replaces Michael Barrios.
83' On: Ricardo PepiOff: Jesús Ferreira
89' Substitution, Atlanta United FC. Edgar Castillo replaces Emerson Hyndman.
  • Matchup info provided by 3rdDegree.net, fcdallas.com, and mlssoccer.com
  • As you discuss the match, please abide by sub rules.


TV: Mark Followill and Steve Davis will be on the call for Wednesday's game on FOX Sports Southwest Plus and the FCDTV Network. Coverage begins at 6PM CT.
Note: The match will be broadcast on FOX Sports Southwest Plus for DirecTV and UVerse subscribers. For cable and OTT viewers (YouTube TV, Hulu Live, etc.) the game will only be available on FOX Sports Go (available in DFW, Tyler, Longview, Lufkin, Lubbock, Abilene, Midland/Odessa, Wichita Falls, Waco, Bryan/College Station) and FCDallas.com/Stream (available in DFW, Amarillo, Lubbock and Tyler).
ONLINE: The match will be streamed live on the FOX Sports GO app and at FOXSportsGO.com.
All 2020 FC Dallas matches broadcast on FOX Sports Southwest, FOX Sports Southwest Plus and on TXA21 and on FCDTV Network affiliates will be available on virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPD) such as YouTube TV and Hulu Live as well as on fcdallas.com/stream for viewers within DFW and FCDTV Network markets.
The match will be also be streaming on ESPN+ in English and Spanish for viewers outside DFW and the FCDTV Network markets. (ESPN+ blackout restrictions apply)*
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2020.09.22 20:19 late2thepauly Planning on getting Spectrum. Would love any money-saving help/tips

Coming from Uverse, where I’m currently paying $119/month before taxes for U200 (tv service) only.
Starting to sign up for Spectrum ($45/service), but I’m noticing a lot of extra monthly charges already: cable box + dvr + router, so I’m wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to do this.
I’d like to buy my own router to save that cost. Is there a favorite?
In the same vein, am I able to provide my own DVR cable box?
I am cool with self-install, but I have no idea if my apartment’s ever had Spectrum service before. Is there a way to not have to pay for a technician to set up my service if I can’t do it myself?
Finally, I read some mentions of Spectrum buying out AT&T service, but is that only DirecTV contracts?
Thanks. Any help is super appreciated.
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2020.09.17 21:16 stainless_steel702 ATT claims there’s no internet available at my address

When I moved into my current home ATT internet and ATT Uverse were options at my address. Now after the new houses in the neighborhood were built and after the merging with directTV, the internet available at seemingly random addresses around the neighborhood is no longer available. I even tested random addresses in the neighborhood and the ATT internet website says “looks like you already have internet at that address. Would you like to change your plan?” I click yes and then it says “sorry, internet is not available at that address.”
I explained to them last year to multiple people and this year to multiple people and they never got back to me about the problem or a possible fix. Comcast is the only option (apparently) at my address and they are sucking me dry.
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2020.09.11 21:45 99calvins Will this work?

Current Situation:
AT&T FTTH with Uverse TV and phone, symmetrical 1 Gb up/down; AT&T router makes its own WiFi network that the STBs use.
One Ethernet port of the AT&T routegateway is in bridge mode to feed a UDM with a US-24 and 2 UAP-AC-Pros. The UDM is hosting 3 networks - main, IoT and guest.
The desired outcome:
AT&T's network extended via my UAP-AC-Pro, so the STBs have a stronger signal; one location has a negligible signal
The plan:
Add the AT&T network SSID, password, etc to the UDM as another guest network (wired and wireless) with VLAN. Connect an Ethernet cable from an AT&T router port to a port of the US-24, mark the port untagged for the AT&T VLAN. Add AT&T VLAN to the APs.
Am I missing anything? Will this not work at all?
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2020.09.09 21:56 blondbeans Using R7000 as access point (update to previous post, but still need help)

Thanks to all of you who replied to my previous post about using my own r7000 router instead of the default gateway. I received a lot of suggestions (and tried several) but ultimately changed my router to serve as an access point to the default gateway, and still have the ip passthrough to the internet port of my router (turned access point) to mainly avoid double NAT. Only other thing I wanted to ask if there are any settings I can change to make the wireless connection as smooth as possible? I changed the port the access point is plugged into, to 1G duplex. And I have kept all the advanced firewall settings turned off on the gateway (though I wonder if I need to turn those on now) as I did when I used my other router as a router. If you all have any other tips to how I could optimize this setup I would really appreciate it. The wireless speed is a tad bit slower, and not as smooth of a connection, as before.

To those who might be wondering why I dont just plug everything into my r7000 router, and just use that as a router instead of an access point, the att tv boxes (the new streaming ones, not the uverse ones) dont work when I use a wired connection between them and my r7000 router.
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2020.09.02 00:12 cristaal12 Don't need a vpn?

Hi, I'm new to side loading apps to stream tv. I am a bit confused about real debris vs vpns. Am in correct in that you do not need a vpn only real debrid? I am in the US and have atnt uverse in internet. Will this obscure streaming? I have gotten a notice once before for torrent downloading from atnt. Thanks on advance!
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2020.08.23 03:24 dosage1313 Switching from ATT Uverse to Xfinity - Do I need cable installed throughout house?

Thinking of switching from att uverse to xfinity because ATT doesnt offer anything over 75mbps at my house and its just too slow these days with multiple devices. Also would be switching to their Tv cable service. The ATT "cable" boxes are wireless and receive signal from the ATT modem/router, no coax cable connection required.

My question is, the x1 cable box looks like it needs a cable connection from the wall to the cable box for it to work. Will a tech have to run cable throughout the house for each of the 4 cable boxes in 4 separate rooms that will be connected? That seems like a major inconvenience right now especially with covid, and just rearranging rooms and furniture to have access to run cable through the house and to the wall outlets.

Apparently there is a wireless cable box from xfinity but it will cost more monthly, and there is a 2 per account limit which would not work for our needs.

Thank you for any help.
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2020.08.21 01:06 darkstar_68 Call HIstory on TV

Does anyone know if phone call history is viewable on a TV? Backstory: We just switched my father-in-law's phone, TV and Internet to Xfinity from AT&T Uverse. With AT&T, he could go to a channel or a menu and see his call history. This is how he checked for missed calls. I know we can check call history online but he's 81, doesn't use a computer and is stuck in his ways.
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2020.08.20 12:20 kanezfan Skipping commercials?

Not sure if the live chat rep is giving me the right info or not. Say I have this plan:

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV

I tune to ABC, phone rings, I click pause. Thirty minutes later, I hang up the phone and resume watching TV. I'm now 30 minutes behind so naturally, I want to fast forward through the commercials. When I had AT&T Uverse, I could do that. I'm almost positive I was doing that with YTTV when I was trying them out too but right now I'm on the $54.99 Hulu + Live TV plan 7 day free trial and I can't fast forward through commercials. Would upgrading to the $60.99 plan allow me to do it?
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2020.08.20 09:35 JessIsCringe Please help, I have extremely high latency and packet loss

TL;DR, nothing has worked, not even switching from wifi to a wired connection, Any ideas how I can check if something on my network is causing high latency and/or packet loss? Can and will install troubleshooting programs if open source, can and will install a specific linux distro if it can help, can and will check individual devices, and can and will stab my router with a replica Fierce Deity Link sword, any and all if needed.
Here's a list of the issues I've noticed:
Here's the details and background if you want to read it, but I think I covered the big stuff here.
I'm using AT&T Uverse wifi and somehow the latency does not drop lower than 30ms no matter what I do, it is as unstable as a heartrate after using all of the drugs, and to add insult to injury I get packet loss that ranges from 5% to 100% for multiple seconds at a time. The bandwith is fine, I've said this, the technicians I've called said this, but that's not what my issue is, I've said this, the technicians I've called don't seem to get that through their skulls. Seriously, I don't know if the specific technicians AT&T sent me just don't know the difference between bandwith and latency or if they aren't paid enough to care, either way it's annoying.
I've tried turning everything else on the network off, disconnecting them, changing the wepkey and SSID so the other devices could not connect, using different wireless adapters (one 2.4Ghz, one 5Ghz, one dualband 2.4/5Ghz, one unknown found in box of old parts), using an ethernet cable while everything else was off and/or disconnected, using different devices to run the same tests (phone, laptop, cheap tablet), switching from Windows to Ubuntu and back to see which one worked better, and so much more. If I run out of ideas my last resort is a coin toss, heads I call an exorcist to check the house out and expunge whatever spirit is plaguing my router, tails I sell my soul to whatever demon I can find in exchange for a stable network and stuff to fix my desktop.
This has been a big issue for months, I've been using AT&T Uverse as my ISP for years and it's never had severe issues until recently. After intense lagspikes that had no noticable pattern I called the company and they sent a technician to fix it, nothing was resolved. I called again, they sent a new router, I hooked it up as instructed, nothing was resolved. I called again, they sent another technician who brought another router and a WiFi extension hub, nothing was resolved. I called again, they sent another technician who switched out the router again, nothing was resolved and now they're charging me $100 because they say the issue is not with their hardware. I tried my laptop, phone, and firestick at a friends house, tried to mimic the distance I had them from my router, there was no issue. I called again, they said I still have to pay the $100 since something is wrong in my house, I'm not taking them to court because it's $100, it's a lot of money but not worth paying a lawyer to keep, nothing was resolved. The only thing I didn't test at my friend's place is the cablebox.
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2020.08.20 00:30 literacyrates Connecting a router to att uverse tv box (not a wireless one, but one that is plugged into the wall via coax)

If I plug a router into the ethernet port on the back of a wired (coax) uverse tv box will I get the same output as I would if I were directly wired to the modem? I tried with a wireless uverse box and got slowish speeds and lag but that makes sense since it was wireless and far away from my modem. I’m wondering how much (if at all) the wired box will be
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2020.08.19 02:08 mkemedic CBS gone?

I just switched from UVerse and does ATT TV not have CBS or is it contract season? I thought they settled a contract last year? I’m in the Midwest.
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2020.08.13 21:43 Renegade561 Uverse with Comcast Internet

I currently have Uverse TV and internet, but with terrible speed at just 25mbps. I am currently considering moving to comcast for 100mbps internet. I was just told by an ATT rep that I can have both Comcast Internet and Att Uverse TV. How is this possible and would there be anything that does not work? DVR etc... Also, would i need my own router for this to work? Thanks for your help
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2020.08.12 21:22 Possessed_Panda710 Any idea how to stream tonight’s episode? ABC live stream app not working for me.

I live a few states away from my parents whose cable credentials (AT&T Uverse) I use to sign into different channels apps to use their live tv option. I was going to do this for ABC to watch tonight’s episode but apparently it currently doesn’t work with U-verse.
I usually just wait until Thursday to watch it on Hulu but I’d like to watch this one live.
Does anyone know any free way I can stream the finale?
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2020.08.12 02:10 MyCleverUsername123 AT&T TV in Columbus

Does anyone have AT&T TV? I currently have uverse and feel like I’m paying too much. Thinking about making the switch but I wanted to see if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with AT&T TV. Don’t think I’m quite ready to be a cord cutter so I’m not super interested in YouTube tv or Sling.
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2020.08.09 21:02 RandomGerman This week I say goodbye to my old friend Tivo

I have had TiVo’s since the SD days. I don’t remember 18 years ago..?? I love TiVos. But I am moving on Thursday and the new apartment forces internet and tv on me. Included in the rent and no way to get out of that. And it is ATT Uverse. No cable card Tivo possible. So I will say goodbye to my little white box and store it until I move out again and hopefully they still have cable cards then. Using the ATT DVR will suck. I remember last time I switched TiVo’s and had to call to cancel the old one and start the new contract the operator was amazed how long I was a customer. He said he had never seen that. :-).
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2020.08.07 13:38 Mershu CordShaving I did! Switched to Youtube TV and saved over $100 a month!! :)

I .... did it! I was finally able to get out of my AT&T UVerse 200 contract @ $190/mo after taxes.
UVerse200 has about 50 SD channels, 10 spam "as seen on TV" type channels, 15 Spanish, 15 Sports & 10 news channels, then repeat the above in HD. So really, you only use about 50 HD channels and any movie channels you subscribe to. The base was $112, add extras and $33 dollars in broadcast government taxes!!!! How you get from $112 base to $190 total blows my mind.
I switched to Youtube TV where I ended up with more HD channels, more 'extra' channels I am paying for and the monthly bill came in at under $89/mo !!! This includes Showtime, Max, Starz, Shutter, Epix. I am lucky to have AT&T for cell and internet and receive HBOMax for free through those services.
When I called to cancel last night, I was offered an upgrade to UVerse300 at the same price, then my 1G internet dropped to $39/mo plus $30 off UVerse200, and then the final offer was $60 off UVerse200 and 1G @ 39/mo. Even switching to AT&T TV would have been more expensive than Youtube TV, with less variety of channels!!
In closing, just glad not to be paying $33 in taxes!!! Taxes on streaming services is sales tax, not all the broadcast and other government fees and taxes.
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2020.07.28 01:06 sbleezy Unplugged everything then plugged it all back in. Now I can’t get both Internet or Directv simultaneously

Edit: Moved the coax to the receiver, rebooted the modem and all is working. Thank you people so much!
So I have my AT&T Uverse model/router (model 5268AC) and my mini DirecTV receiver (model c51-500) sitting next to each other. I decided to untangle the cords behind the cabinet and honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to what was plugged into the Directv receiver.
Well as it turns out, I only have 1 coax/cable cord running from the wall, there was no splitter or another coax cable anywhere. Now it appears both devices require the coax cable to actually work. What am I missing here?
Here is a pic: https://ibb.co/st3TG8m
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2020.07.23 02:31 xitout FuboTV DVR questions

Hey all, I’m looking to switch from Uverse tv to a streaming service. Have been trialing Hulu, YTTV, and now FuboTV.
These are my biggest questions right now:
  1. Is there a way of limiting the number of episodes of a series that are kept? If so, I can’t find it. With our current (physical) DVR, I can set it to something like 10 episodes with the oldest recording from that series getting deleted when it records the 11th.
  2. Related: is it true that the cloud DVR will eventually just fill up and stop recording instead of pushing out (auto-deleting) the oldest stuff as it records newer stuff? I saw a mention of this elsewhere but am not sure.
  3. Is it possible to set the DVR to record all games for a certain team or a certain league? Or do you have to set them to record one game at a time?
Also curious about the following:
  1. How do you check the resolution on a video stream when you’re watching? Thinking here of an iPhone or iPad while watching in iOS app.
  2. Are the ads in on-demand episodes usually pretty short? Was just watching a show (Guy’s Grocery Games) and the ad breaks had like a single 15 sec ad? Not skippable, but surprisingly short.
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2020.07.20 20:54 chasepeeler Triggering events once upon arrival/leaving with isy994i

I had originally posted most of this as a question, but then I solved it, so I deleted that and figured I'd share my solution. Feel free to share any comments or other ideas you might have.
So, what I was originally trying to do was set up my automation so that if I arrived home while the Braves were playing, it would turn on my TV and change it to the proper channel. I got all of that worked out (and I'll share that program at the bottom). The problem was that I was originally using the status of whether I was at home or not as one of the triggers. One of the things I don't like about the ISY programs is that the "If" conditions are evaluated anytime of of the values changes. So, the way my Braves program was originally written, if I was at home, the TV was off, and the braves channel was set to something higher than 0, it would turn it on and change to the proper channel. The problem with is that if I decided to go to bed and turned off the TV while the braves channel was still greater than 0, it would run the program again, since the state of my TV just changed. And, since all of the conditions were now true, it would just turn the TV back on. I didn't want to set the channel to 0 after turning it on, because then if I left and came back it wouldn't trigger the program again. I'll explain how I'm setting the channel when I show the program itself.
So, what I needed was a way to determine when I'm arriving at home (an instantaneous event) instead of when I was home (a continuous state).
I created 5 state variables
I'm using locative to execute a webhook that will set $inside_home_geofence to 1 when I'm inside the geofence and 0 when I'm outside the geofence. I then have four programs that will run based off that value changing
If $inside_home_geofence is 1 And $arrived_home is 0 And $arriving_home is 0 Then $arriving_home = 1 
If $arriving_home is 1 Then $arrived_home = 1 $arriving_home = 0 $leaving_home = 0 $left_home = 0 
If $inside_home_geofence is 0 And $left_home is 0 And $leaving_home is 0 Then $leaving_home = 1 
If $leaving_home is 1 Then $left_home = 1 $leaving_home = 0 $arriving_home = 0 $arrived_home = 0 
Keeping in mind that the "If" conditions trigger the program as well as control the execution path, the following will happen when I go outside my geofence:
  1. Locative sends a web request that will change $inside_home_geofence to 0
  2. Assuming that $left_home and $leaving_home are both 0 (and they will be), this will trigger the Leaving program since all 3 conditions are now true, and set $leaving_home to 1. Since we don't have an "else" in that program, nothing happens as a result of $leaving_home changing value to 1.
  3. This will trigger the Left program though as a result of $leaving_home changing to 1. $left_home is set to 1, and the other three variables are all set to 0. We still don't have to worry about the Leaving program doing anything, even though we set $leaving_home back to 0, because $left_home is now 1.
When I am back inside my geofence, a similar process happens with the $arriving_home and $arrived_home variables.
Now we can use the $arriving_home or $leaving_home variable as conditions on other programs. They don't have to be set to 1 for a long time in order to trigger a program, they just have to change. This is where my Braves program comes into play. To start with, I have a state variable called $braves_channel. I have an IFTTT applet tied to google calendar. It will post the "Where" section of the event, which includes the channel, to a custom script I have on my webserver. That script parses out the correct channel, and then posts that to an isy webhook, which will set the $braves_channel variable to the correct channel. Since I don't have a good way of determining when a game ends at the moment, I have another program that will set it back to zero 4 hours after it has changed to something greater than 0.
If $braves_channel > 0 And 'Harmony Hub' Current Activity is Power Off And $arriving_home > 0 Then Set 'Harmony Hub / Watch Uverse' Start Set 'Harmony Hub' Channel '$braves_channel Index' 
Braves Reset
If $braves_channel > 0 Then Wait 4 hours $braves_channel = 0 
So, as soon as $arriving_home changes to 1 in our Arriving program, it will run the Braves program. Provided that a channel is set and the TV is off, it'll turn on the TV and change it to the specified channel. When I turn the TV off, it's going to change the value of the current harmony hub activity, which will trigger it to evaluate all of the conditions again. If the channel is still set, and I was using $inside_home_geofence instead of $arriving_home, then everything would evaluate true again, and it would turn the TV back on. I would have no way of actually turning it off until 4 hours after the channel was set to something greater than 0.
I have another program which uses the $arriving_home to turn on my hall light. I only want to turn it on during certain conditions, though, so I can't just use whether I am home or not to trigger it. There are two programs involved, even though I could combine them. I had separated them at some point before I had a better understanding of how programs work, and I actually like it better this way, so I've left it
Set Dark
If From Sunset - 1 hour To Sunrise + 2 hours (next day) Then $is_dark = 1 Else $is_dark = 0 
Hall On
If ( 'OpenWeatherMap' Climate Conditions is Thunderstorm with light rain Or /* lots of other climate conditions */ Or $is_dark is 1 ) And $arriving_home is 1 Then Set 'Downstairs / Hall / Downstairs Hall Master' On 
So, with this one, the problem with using the $inside_home_geofence variable is that it would turn on the hall light anytime that I'm home and the weather changed to one of the specified conditions or $is_dark changed values. If I just wanted the light to come on anytime I arrived home, then I'd be OK using $inside_home_geofence variable, since it's not going to change, and therefore trigger the program to run, until I leave and come back.
Here is a program I don't actually have implemented, but would give you an example of using $leaving_home variable in a not too contrived scenario
All Off
If DenLamp is Off and $leaving_home is 1 Then /* turn off everything */ 
So, in this scenario, most of the time when I leave, I want everything to turn itself off. Most of the time I could just use whether I am outside the geofence to trigger that without issue. However, there are a few days where I have a housekeeper come to clean. In those instances, I'll turn the den lamp on before I leave. That will prevent everything from getting turned off. Again, this would work most of the time using the geofence value as well - until she decides to turn off the den lamp while I'm gone. If I'm using the geofence value, then it will turn everything in the house off when she turns the den lamp off. By using the $leaving_home variable instead, she can safely turn off the den lamp without it powering off every other device in the house.
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2020.07.20 18:25 xitout sort or filter to view DVR episodes separate from VOD?

Hi. I've searched and am afraid I know the answer to this, but wanted to double-check and ask for workarounds...
Is there any way of sorting or filtering episodes in your library to see the DVR'd episodes for a show without them being intermixed with the VOD episodes?
I know that for new episodes they will show up in the new in your library section, but when stuff like syndicated re-runs get recorded, they wind up buried in a sea off VOD content and it's virtually impossible to find them, especially for shows that have a lot of seasons.
Sure, we could just watch VOD episodes, but then we're forced to watch commercials. I would much prefer watching the DVR'd reruns and having the option of skipping the ads.
This is a *huge* limitation and is really making me question whether or not we should make the move from Uverse TV (w/whole house DVR) to YouTube TV. We're currently in our free trial period with YTTV.
If it matters, we will be primarily accessing content via the YTTV app on a Roku Ultra.
Any suggestions?
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2020.07.18 20:49 mrbaseball47 Help with router suggestions

So my parents are switching from ATT Uverse to Spectrum for internet, TV, and phone. Up until now they have only used the modem/router provided by the service provider. I told them that getting their own router is a better option.
I have looked at Arris, Nighthawk, TP Link, and Asus. They will be surfing the web, streaming, gaming, etc from smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Chromebooks, and TVs. Which device would you suggest? Hoping to spend under $150 but if there is a legitimate need to spend more I can. Your help us greatly appreciated.
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